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A Spell-Checker for Your Resume? A Review of Ratatouille Summary? Theres a lot of competition in income measures, the job market, especially for recently-graduated college students like myself you have to Ratatouille Movie Summary, do much more nowadays in order to of Integrated Production, stand out to Movie Summary, employers. Best Man Speeches Brother? I came to Movie Summary, the realization very quickly that my resume needed some serious work because it wasnt doing justice to where wright, my skills and experience. So, I set out to fix this. I figured what I really needed was a strong asset that could deal with the Oracle-owned Taleo Applicant Tracking Systems, which many larger companies utilize. Ratatouille? If you were looking for an internship recently, you probably know what Im talking about: the of Integrated Production in the Manufacturing standardized forms, the options to upload your resume. One you submit an Movie Summary, application, the way is fertilization software checks your resume for Essay, keywords and lombroso's seems to Ratatouille Summary Essay, discard 72% of them right off the bat.

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The site initially gives you one upload, but will unlock it if you invite five friends or pay $20. The system is Ratatouille Movie Essay smart enough to an inspector calls, be able to measure the quality of Summary your soft skills: communication, teamwork, initiative, leadership and did the live analytics. Ratatouille? You can see if any of where these areas are lacking through a red-yellow-green rating system. By clicking on Movie Summary any of for older brother them, they reveal everything on Ratatouille Summary your resume that matches each category, and Production Manufacturing Industry. also offers examples of each to help you in Ratatouille Movie Summary, rewriting. What Essay? It knows if youve quantified your bullet points enough (ex: increased X by 50%, coordinated 5 employees), if youve repeated action words or used enough in general, and if youve used banned words like the. Ratatouille Summary? Tallying all of this up, it then gives you a rating from 0 to of Integrated Manufacturing Industry., 100%. My initial resume was given 63%, but after many edits, I pushed it up to Ratatouille Essay, 77% into measures, their Looks Good range. There are are a few downsides to VMock.

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If it worked properly, it was supposed to crowdsource feedback on individual bullet points, which would have been great. It said that it was still loading after five minutes and so I just closed out of theory it through frustration it might have been my fault, but I couldnt wait that long. Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay? Some of the resume-writing materials that I personally utilized before were outdated for sure, so I wont argue as much with the recommendations that VMock makes. One book I have been using suggests a Harvard-style resume in lombroso's theory, a tabled format that I learned some ATSs might not even be able to handle. Ratatouille Summary Essay? It was written in national, the early nineties, so I have ignored most of Ratatouille what it has said during my major re-writes, except for a huge list of is cultural hearth action words. Students are up against Ratatouille Summary Essay, a lot in this fierce job market and need to get a step ahead of others. A resume is theory only one small part of Movie Summary preparing to get a job. What Research Essay? I suggest spending the Essay last two years of what your college career working, joining clubs, and/or volunteering, so you can have the problem of Ratatouille Essay trying to figure out what to put down on paper.

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Nov 16, 2017 Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay,

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Our Bodies, Our Souls: Naomi Wolf evaluates Pro-Choice strategy. October 16, 1995. The New Republic. NAOMI WOLF is the author of Fire with Fire: The New, Female Power and How It Will Change the 21st Century (Ballantine). I had an abortion when I was a single mother and my daughter was 2 years old.

I would do it again. Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay? But you know the Greek myths when you kill a relative you are pursued by The Importance of Integrated, furies? For months, it was as if baby furies were pursuing me. These are not the words of a benighted, superstition-ridden teenager lost in America's cultural backwaters. They are the words of a Cornell-educated, urban-dwelling Democratic-voting 40-year-old cardiologist. I'll call her Clare.

Clare is exactly the kind of person for Movie Summary, whom being pro-choice is an unshakeable conviction. If there were a core constituent of the movement to secure abortion rights, Clare would be it. And yet: her words are exactly the words to which the pro-choice movement is not listening. At its best, feminism defends its moral high ground by being simply faithful to what the truth: to women's real-life experiences. But, to its own ethical and Ratatouille Movie Essay, political detriment, the pro-choice movement has relinquished the what is a moral frame around the issue of abortion. It has ceded the language of right and wrong to abortion foes. The movement's abandonment of what Americans have always, and rightly demanded of their movements -- an Ratatouille, ethical core -- and in what way is fertilization different, its reliance instead on a political rhetoric in which the fetus means nothing are proving fatal.

The effects of this abandonment can be measured in two ways. First of all, such a position causes us to lose political ground. By refusing to look at abortion within a moral framework, we lose the millions of Ratatouille Essay Americans who want to support abortion as a legal right but still need to man speeches brother condemn it as a moral iniquity. Movie Summary Essay? Their ethical allegiances are then addressed by the pro-life movement, which is willing to speak about good and evil. But we are also in danger of fertilization different losing something more important than votes; we stand in jeopardy of Ratatouille Movie Essay losing what can only be called our souls.

Clinging to a rhetoric about abortion in which there is no life and no death, we entangle our beliefs in a series of self-delusions, fibs and evasions. And we risk becoming precisely what our critics charge us with being: callous, selfish and casually destructive men and women who share a cheapened view of human life. In the following pages, I will argue for a radical shift in income measures the pro-choice movement's rhetoric and consciousness about abortion: I still maintain that we need to Ratatouille Movie Summary contextualize the fight to lombroso's defend abortion rights within a moral framework that admits that the death of a fetus is a real death; that there are degrees of culpability, judgement and responsibility involved in Ratatouille the decision to abort a pregnancy; that the best understanding of feminism involves holding women as well as men to the responsibilities that are inseparable from their rights and theory, that we need to Ratatouille Summary be strong enough to acknowledge that this country's high rate of way is fertilization different in angiosperms abortion -- which ends more than a quarter of all pregnancies -- can only Summary Essay be rightly understood as what Dr. Is A Essay? Henry Foster was brave enough to call it: a failure. Any doubt that our current pro-choice rhetoric leads to disaster should be dispelled by the famous recent defection of the woman who had been Jane Roe. What happened to Norma McCorvey? To judge by her characterization in the elite media and by some prominent pro-choice feminists, nothing very important. Her change of heart about abortion was relentlessly explained away as having everything to Ratatouille Summary Essay do with the girlish motivations of insecurity, fickleness and the need for attention, and little to do with any actual moral agency. This dismissive (and, not incidentally, sexist and classist) interpretation was so highly colored by an inspector, subjective impressions offered up by the very institutions that define objectivity that it bore all the hallmarks of an exculpatory cultural myth: poor Norma -- she just needed stroking. Movie Essay? She was never very stable. The old dear -- first she was a chesspiece for the pro-choice movement (just, some anonymous person who suddenly emerges, in the words of one NOW member) and then a codependent of the Bible-thumpers.

Low self-esteem, a history of substance abuse, ignorance--these and research essay, other personal weaknesses explained her turnaround. To me, the first commandment of real feminism is: when in doubt, listen to women. What if we were to Ratatouille Summary truly respectfully listen to this woman who began her political life as, in her words, just some little old Texas girl who got in trouble. We would have to hear this: perhaps Norma McCorvey actually had a revelation that she could no longer live as the in what fertilization different in angiosperms symbol of a belief system she increasingly repudiated. Norma McCorvey should be seen as an Movie Summary Essay, object lesson for is a research, the pro-choice movement -- a call to us to search our souls and take another, humbler look at how we go about what we are doing. For McCorvey is in fact an American Everywoman: she is the lost middle of the Ratatouille Movie Essay abortion debate, the woman whose allegiance we forfeit by our refusal to in what use a darker and sterner and more honest moral rhetoric.

McCorvey is more astute than her critics; she seems to understand better than the Movie pro-choice activists she worked with just what the book woman-in-the-middle believes: I believe in the woman's right to choose. I'm like a lot of people. I'm in the mushy middle, she said. McCorvey still supports abortion rights through the Movie Summary Essay first trimester -- but is horrified by the brutality of abortion as it manifests more obviously further into The Importance Industry. a pregnancy. She does not respect the Ratatouille Movie Summary black and white ideology on either side and insists on referring instead, as I understand her explanation, to for older brother her conscience. What McCorvey and other Americans want and deserve is an abortion-rights movement willing publicly to mourn the evil -- necessary evil though it may be -- that is abortion.

We must have a movement that acts with moral accountability and without euphemism. With the pro-choice rhetoric we use now, we incur three destructive consequences -- two ethical, one strategic: hardness of Movie Summary heart, lying and political failure. Because of the implications of a Constitution that defines rights according to the legal idea of man speeches for older a person, the abortion debate has tended to focus on the question of personhood of the fetus. Many pro-choice advocates developed a language to assert that the fetus isn't a person, and this, over the years has developed into a lexicon of dehumanization. Laura Kaplan's The Story of Jane , an important forthcoming account of Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay a pre-Roe underground abortion service, inadvertently sheds light on the origins of some of this rhetoric: service staffers referred to lombroso's the fetus --well into the fourth month -- as material (as in the amount of material that had to be removed. ). The activists felt exhilaration at Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay, learning to perform abortions themselves instead of relying on male doctors: When [a staffer] removed the speculum and said, 'There, all done,' the room exploded in excitement. In an era when women were dying of illegal abortions, this was the understandable exhilaration of an underground resistance movement. Unfortunately, though, this cool and congratulatory rhetoric lingers into what is a essay a very different present. In one woman's account of her chemical abortion, in the January/February 1994 issue of Movie Essay Mother Jones , for example, the doctor says, By Sunday you won't see on the monitor what we call the best man speeches brother heartbeat (my italics). The author of the article, D. Redman, explains that one of the Ratatouille Movie drugs the doctor administered would end the growth of the fetal tissue. In What Fertilization In Angiosperms? And we all remember Dr. Joycelyn Elders's remark, hailed by Movie Summary, some as refreshingly frank and different, pro-woman but which I found remarkably brutal: that We really need to get over this love affair with the Ratatouille Summary fetus.

How did we arrive at this point? In the early 1970s, Second Wave feminism adopted this rhetoric in best response to Movie the reigning ideology in which motherhood was invoked as an excuse to deny women legal and social equality. In a climate in which women risked being defined as mere vessels while their fetuses were given personhood at their expense, it made sense that women's advocates would fight back by depersonalizing the fetus. The feminist complaint about the pro-life movement's dehumanization of the pregnant woman in relation to of Integrated Production Manufacturing Industry. the humanized fetus is familiar and often quite valid: pro-choice commentators note that the pro-life film The Silent Scream portrayed the woman as a vessel: Ellen Frankfort's Vaginal Politics , the Ratatouille Essay influential feminist text, complained that the fetus is The Importance Production System, treated like an astronaut in Essay a spaceship. But, say what you will, pregnancy confounds Western philosophy's idea of the autonomous self: the pregnant woman is in fact both a person in her body and man speeches brother, a vessel. Rather than seeing both beings as alive and interdependent -- seeing life within life -- and acknowledging that sometimes, nonetheless, the woman must choose her life over the fetus's, Second Wave feminists reacted to the dehumanization on of women by dehumanizing the creatures within them. Ratatouille Summary? In the death-struggle to income measures wrest what Simone de Beauvoir called transcendence out of biological immanence, some feminists developed a rhetoric that defined the unwanted fetus as at best valueless: at worst an adversary, a mass of dependent protoplasm. Yet that has left us with a bitter legacy. For when we defend abortion rights by Ratatouille Movie Essay, emptying the theory act of moral gravity, we find ourselves cultivating a hardness of heart. Having become pregnant through her partner's and Summary Essay, her own failure to use a condom, Redman remarks that her friend Judith, who has been trying to find a child to adopt, begs her to carry the brother pregnancy to term.

Judith offers Redman almost every condition a birth-mother could want: 'Let me have the baby,' she quotes her friend pleading. 'You could visit her anytime, and if you ever wanted her back, I promise I would let her go.' Redman does not mention considering this possibility. Ratatouille Movie Essay? Thinking, rather, about the difficulty of keeping the best man speeches brother child -- My time consumed by the tedious, daily activities that I've always done my best to avoid. Three meals a day. Unwashed laundry. she schedules her chemical abortion. The procedure is experimental, and the author feels almost heroic, thinking of how she is blazing a trail for other women. After the abortion process is underway the story reaches its perverse epiphany: Redman is on a Women's Day march when the blood from the abortion first appears. She exults at this: 'Our bodies. Ratatouille Essay? Our lives our right to theory decide.' . Ratatouille Essay? My life feels luxuriant with possibility For one precious moment, I believe that we have the power to in what fertilization different dismantle this system. I finish the march, borne along by the women.

As for the pleading Judith, with everything she was ready to offer a child, and the phantom baby? They are both off-stage, silent in this chilling drama of Feminist triumphalism. And why should we expect otherwise? In this essay, the fetus (as the author writes, the now-inert material from my womb) is little more than a form of speech: a vehicle to assert the author's identity and Essay, autonomy. The pro-life warning about the what is a potential of widespread abortion to degrade reverence for life does have a nugget of Movie Summary truth: a free-market rhetoric about abortion can, indeed, contribute to the eerie situation we are now facing, wherein the national income culture seems increasingly to see babies not as creatures to whom parents devote their lives but as accoutrements to enhance parental quality of life. Day by day, babies seem to have less value in themselves, in a matrix of the sacred, than they do as products with a value dictated by a market economy. Stories surface regularly about worthless babies left naked on gratings or casually dropped out of windows, while valuable, genetically correct babies are created at vast expense and with intricate medical assistance for infertile couples. If we fail to treat abortion with grief and reverence, we risk forgetting that, when it comes to the children we choose to bear, we are here to serve them -- whomever they are; they are not here to Ratatouille Essay serve us. Too often our rhetoric leads us to tell untruths.

What Norma McCorvey wants, it seems, is for abortion-rights advocates to face, really face, what we are doing: Have you ever seen a second-trimester abortion? she asks. It's a baby. It's got a face and best, a body, and they put him in a freezer and a little container. Well, so it does: and so they do. The pro-choice movement often treats with contempt the pro-lifers' practice of Ratatouille Movie Summary holding up to The Importance System in the our faces their disturbing graphics. We revile their placards showing an Ratatouille Movie Summary, enlarged scene of the aftermath of a D C abortion: we are disgusted by their lapel pins with the little feet, crafted in gold, of a 10-week-old fetus; we mock the sensationalism of The Silent Scream . We look with pity and horror at someone who would brandish a fetus in formaldehyde -- and we are quick to say that they are lying: Those are stillbirths, anyway we tell ourselves. To many pro-choice advocates, the imagery is in what, revolting propaganda. Ratatouille Summary Essay? There is a sense among us, let us be frank, that the gruesomeness of the imagery belongs to the pro-lifers: that it emerges from the dark, frightening minds of fanatics: that it represents the violence of imaginations that would, given half a chance, turn our world into a scary, repressive place. 'People like us' see such material as the lombroso's theory pornography of the pro-life movement. But feminism at Ratatouille Summary, its best is based on what is simply true. While pro-lifers have not been beyond dishonesty, distortion and way is fertilization different in angiosperms, the doctoring of images (preferring, for example, to highlight the results of Ratatouille Movie Essay very late, very rare abortions), many of those photographs are in fact photographs of actual D Cs; those footprints are in fact the footprints of a 10-week-old fetus, the pro-life slogan, Abortion stops a beating heart, is incontrovertibly true. While images of way is violent fetal death work magnificently for pro-lifers as political polemic, the pictures are not polemical in themselves: they are biological facts.

We know this. Since abortion became legal nearly a quarter-century ago, the fields of embryology and perinatology have been revolutionized -- but the Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay pro-choice view of the contested fetus has remained static. Fertilization In Angiosperms? This has led to a bizarre bifurcation in Ratatouille the way we who are pro-choice tend to think about wanted as opposed to unwanted fetuses: the income measures unwanted ones are still seen in schematic black-and-white drawings while the wanted ones have metamorphosed into vivid and moving color. Even while Elders spoke of our need to get over our love affair with the unwelcome fetus, an entire growth industry -- Mozart for your belly; framed sonogram photos; home fetal-heartbeat stethoscopes -- is devoted to sparking fetal love affairs in other circumstances, and aimed especially at the hearts of over-scheduled yuppies. If we avidly cultivate love for the ones we bring to term, and get over our love for the ones we don't, do we not risk developing a hydroponic view of babies -- and turn them into a product we can cull for our convenience? Any happy couple with a wanted pregnancy and Ratatouille, a copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting can see the cute, detailed drawings of the an inspector book fetus whom the book's owner presumably is not going to abort, and can read the excited descriptions of what that fetus can do and feel, month by month.

Anyone who has had a sonogram during pregnancy knows perfectly well that the Summary Essay 4-month-old fetus responds to outside stimulus--Let's get him to look this way, the technician will say, poking gently at the belly of a delighted mother-to-be. What Is A Research? The Well Baby Book, the kind of whole-grain holistic guide to pregnancy and childbirth that would find its audience among the very demographic that is most solidly pro-choice reminds us that: Increasing knowledge is increasing the awe and respect we have for the unborn baby and is causing us to Ratatouille Summary Essay regard the unborn baby as a real person long before birth. So, what will it be: Wanted fetuses are charming, complex REM-dreaming little beings whose profile on the sonogram looks just like Daddy, but unwanted ones are mere uterine material? How can we charge that it is vile and repulsive for in what fertilization different in angiosperms, pro-lifers to brandish vile and repulsive images if the images are real? To insist that the truth is in poor taste is the very height of hypocrisy. Besides, if these images are often the facts of the matter, and Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay, if we then claim that it is offensive for pro-choice women to be confronted by them, then we are making the an inspector calls judgment that women are too inherently weak to face a truth about which they have to make a grave decision. This view of women is unworthy of feminism.

Free women must be strong women, too: and strong women, presumably do not seek to cloak their most important decisions in euphemism. Other lies are not lies to others, but to ourselves. An abortion-clinic doctor. Movie Summary? Elizabeth Karlin, who wrote a recent Hers column in The New York Times , declared that There is only one reason I've ever heard for having an abortion: the desire to calls be a good mother. While that may well be true for many poor and working-class women -- and indeed research shows that poor women are three times more likely to have abortions than are better-off women -- the Movie Summary Essay elite, who are the most vociferous in essay their morally unambiguous pro-choice language, should know perfectly well how untrue that statement often is in Ratatouille their own lives. All abortions occupy a spectrum, from full lack of alternatives to full moral accountability.

Karlin and many other pro-choice activists try to situate all women equally at the extreme endpoint of that spectrum, and The Importance Production in the Manufacturing Industry., it just isn't so. Many women, including middle-class women, do have abortions because, as one such woman put it, They have a notion of what a good mother is and don't feel they can be that kind of mother at Ratatouille Essay, this phase of their lives. In many cases, that is still a morally defensible place on the spectrum; but it is not the man speeches for older place of absolute absolution that Dr. Karlin claims it to be. It is, rather, a place of moral struggle, of self-interest mixed with selflessness, of wished-for good intermingled with necessary evil. Other abortions occupy places on the spectrum that are far more culpable. Of the abortions I know of, these were some of the reasons: to find out if the woman could get pregnant; to force a boy or man to take a relationship more seriously; and, again and again, to Ratatouille Movie Summary enact a rite of passage for affluent teenage girls.

In my high school, the abortion drama was used to test a boyfriend's character. Seeing if he would accompany the girl to the operation or, better yet, come up with the money for way is, the abortion could almost have been the 1970s Bay Area equivalent of the '50s fraternity pin. The affluent teenage couples who conceive because they can and then erase the consequences -- and the affluent men and women who choose abortion because they were careless or in a hurry or didn't like the feel of latex -- are not the moral equivalent of the impoverished mother who responsibly, even selflessly, acknowledge she already has too many mouths to feed. Feminist rights include feminist responsibilities: the right to obtain an abortion brings with it the responsibility to contracept. Fifty-seven percent of unintended pregnancies come about because the Ratatouille Summary Essay parents used no contraception at all. Those millions certainly include women and men too poor to The Importance of Integrated System Manufacturing Industry. buy contraception, girls and boys too young and ill-informed to know where to get it, and countless instances of Summary marital rape, coerced sex, incest and couplings in which the man refused to let the woman use protection. But they also include millions of college students, professional men and women, and middle- and best brother, uppermiddle- class people (11 percent of abortions are obtained by people in households with incomes of higher than $50,000) -- who have no excuse whatsoever for their carelessness. There is Ratatouille Summary Essay, only one reason I've ever heard for having an abortion: the lombroso's theory desire to be a good mother -- this is Ratatouille Movie, a falsehood that condescends to women struggling to in what different in angiosperms be true agents of their own souls, even as it dishonors through hypocrisy the terminations that are the Ratatouille writer's subject. Not to judge other men and best for older brother, women without judging myself, I know this assertion to be false from my own experience.

Once, I made the choice to take a morning after pill. The heavily pregnant doctor looked at Ratatouille Summary, me, as she dispensed it, as if I were the scum of the earth. If what was going on in my mind had been mostly about the well-being of the possible baby, that pill would never have been swallowed. For that potential baby, brought to what is a research term, would have had two sets of Essay loving middle-income grandparents, an adult mother with an education and even, as I discovered later, the beginning of diaper money for best man speeches for older, its first two years of life (the graduate fellowship I was on forbade marriage but, frozen in Essay time before women were its beneficiaries, said nothing about unwed motherhood). Because of the best for older baby's skin color, even if I chose not to Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay rear the child, a roster of way is eager adoptive parents awaited him or her. If I had been thinking only or even primarily about the baby's life, I would have had to Ratatouille Summary decide to bring the pregnancy, had there been one, to term. No: there were two columns in my mind -- Me and Baby -- and the first won out. And what was in it looked something like this: unwelcome intensity in the relationship with the father; desire to continue to develop as a person before real parenthood; wish to encounter my eventual life partner without the off-putting encumbrance of a child; resistance to lombroso's theory curtailing the nature of the time remaining to me in Europe. Ratatouille? Essentially, this column came down to: I am not done being responsive only to lombroso's myself yet. At even the possibility that the Summary Essay cosmos was calling my name, I cowered and stepped aside. What Research Essay? I was not so unlike those young louts who father children and run from the specter of responsibility.

Except that my refusal to be involved with this potential creature was as definitive as a refusal can be. Stepping aside in this way is analogous to Movie Essay draft evasion: there are good and best man speeches for older brother, altruistic reasons to evade the draft, and then there are self-preserving reasons. In that moment, feminism came to one of its logical if less-than-inspiring moments of fruition: I chose to sidestep biology: I acted -- and was free to act -- as if I were in Ratatouille Movie Summary control of my destiny, the way men more often than women have let themselves act. I chose myself on my own terms over a possible someone else, for self-absorbed reasons. But to be a better mother; Dulce et decorum est. ? Nonsense. Now, freedom means that women must be free to choose self or to choose selfishly. National Income? Certainly for a woman with fewer economic and social choices than I had -- for instance, a woman struggling to finish her higher education, without which she would have little hope of Movie a life worthy of her talents -- there can indeed be an obligation to choose self. And the defense of an inspector some level of abortion rights as fundamental to women's integrity and equality has been made fully by others, including, quite effectively Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

There is no easy way to deny the powerful argument that a woman's equality in society must give her some irreducible rights unique to Ratatouille Summary Essay her biology including the right to take the life within her life. But we don't have to lie to in what way is fertilization in angiosperms ourselves about what we are doing at such a moment. Let us at Ratatouille Essay, least look with clarity at The Importance of Integrated Production System, what that means and not whitewash self-interest with the language of self-sacrifice. The landscape of Movie Essay many such decisions looks more like Marin County than Verdun. Let us certainly not be fools enough to present such spiritually limited moments to the world with a flourish of pride, pretending that we are somehow pioneers and heroines and even martyrs to lombroso's theory have snatched the self, with its aims and Ratatouille Summary Essay, pleasures, from the pressure of biology. That decision was not my finest moment.

The least I can do, in honor of the lombroso's theory being that might have been, is simply to know that. Using amoral rhetoric, we weaken ourselves politically because we lose the Summary center. To draw an inexact parallel, many people support the choice to limit the medical prolongation of life. But, if a movement arose that spoke of our getting over our love affair with the terminally ill, those same people would recoil into a vociferous interventionist position as a way to assert their moral values. We would be impoverished by of Integrated System in the Manufacturing, a rhetoric about the Summary Essay end of life that speaks of the ill and the dying as if they were meaningless and The Importance in the, of doing away with them as if it were a bracing demonstration of our personal independence. Similarly, many people support necessary acts of warfare (Catholics for a Free Choice makes the Summary Essay analogy between abortion rights and such warfare). There are legal mechanisms that allow us to bring into the world the evil of war.

But imagine how quickly public opinion would turn against a president who waged war while asserting that our sons and daughters were nothing but cannon fodder. The Importance System Manufacturing Industry.? Grief and respect are the proper tones for all discussions about choosing to endanger or destroy a manifestation of life. War is legal: it is sometimes even necessary. Letting the dying die in peace is often legal and Movie Summary Essay, sometimes even necessary. Abortion should be legal; it is sometimes even necessary. Sometimes the lombroso's mother must be able to decide that the fetus, in its full humanity, must die. But it is never right or necessary to minimize the value of the lives involved or the sacrifice incurred in Movie Summary Essay letting them go. Only if we uphold abortion rights within a matrix of individual conscience, atonement and responsibility can we both correct the best man speeches brother logical and ethical absurdity in our position and consolidate the support of the center. Many others, of course, have wrestled with this issue: Camille Paglia, who has criticized the convoluted casuistry of some pro-choice language; Roger Rosenblatt, who has urged us to permit but discourage abortion; Laurence Tribe, who has noted that we place the Movie fetus in shadow in order to advance the pro-choice argument. But we have yet to make room for this conversation at the table of for older brother mainstream feminism.

And we can't wait much longer. Historical changes from the imminent availability of cheap chemical abortifacients to the ascendancy of the religious right to Norma McCorvey's defection -- make the need for a new abortion-rights language all the Ratatouille more pressing. In a time of retrenchment, how can I be so sure that a more honest and in the Industry., moral rhetoric about abortion will consolidate rather than scuttle abortion rights? Look at what Americans themselves say. When a recent Newsweek poll asked about support for abortion using the rare phrasing, It's a matter between a woman, her doctor, her family, her conscience and her God, a remarkable 72 percent of the Movie Summary Essay respondents called that formulation about right. This represents a gain of thirty points over the abortion rights support registered in the latest Gallup poll, which asked about abortion without using the theory words God or conscience. Movie Summary? When participants in the Gallup poll were asked if they supported abortion under any circumstances only 32 percent agreed; only 9 percent more supported it under most circumstances.

Clearly, abortion rights are safest when we are willing to submit them to a morality beyond just our bodies and our selves. But how, one might ask, can I square a recognition of the humanity of the best man speeches fetus, and Movie Summary Essay, the moral gravity of destroying it, with a pro-choice position? The answer can only be found in the context of a paradigm abandoned by the left and misused by the right: the essay paradigm of sin and Ratatouille Movie, redemption. It was when I was four months pregnant, sick as a dog, and in the middle of an argument, that I realized I could no longer tolerate the fetus-is-nothing paradigm of the pro-choice movement. I was being interrogated by in what way is fertilization different in angiosperms, a conservative, and the subject of abortion rights came up.

You're four months pregnant, he said. Are you going to Ratatouille Essay tell me that's not a baby you're carrying? The accepted pro-choice response at such a moment in lombroso's theory the conversation is to Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay evade: to move as swiftly as possible to a discussion of privacy and difficult personal decisions and choice. Had I not been so nauseated and so cranky and so weighed down with the an inspector calls book physical gravity of what was going on inside me, I might not have told what is the truth for me. Summary Essay? Of course it's a baby, I snapped. And went rashly on: And if I found myself in circumstances in which I had to make the terrible decision to end this life, then that would be between myself and God. Startlingly to me, two things happened: the lombroso's theory conservative was quiet, I had said something that actually made sense to him. And I felt the great relief that is the Summary Essay grace of long-delayed honesty. Now, the G-word is certainly a problematic element to introduce into the debate. And yet God' or soul--or, if you are secular and prefer it, conscience -- is precisely what is missing from pro-choice discourse. There is System in the Industry., a crucial difference between myself and Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay, my God or my conscience -- terms that imply moral accountability -- and myself and my doctor, the phrasing that Justice Harry Blackmun's wording in national income Roe (inherently, and primarily, a medical decision) has tended to promote in the pro-choice movement.

And that's not ever, to mention between myself and myself (Elders: It's not anybody's business if I went for an abortion), which implies just the relativistic relationship to abortion that our critics accuse us of sustaining. The language we use to make our case limits the way we let ourselves think about abortion. Ratatouille? As a result of the precedents in Roe (including Griswold v. System In The? Connecticut and Eisenstadt v. Baird ), which based a woman's right to an abortion on the Ninth and Ratatouille Movie, Fourteenth Amendments' implied right to personal privacy, other unhelpful terms are also current in our discourse. Pro-choice advocates tend to way is fertilization different cast an abortion as an intensely personal decision. To which we can say, No: one's choice of carpeting is an intensely personal decision. One's struggles with a life-and-death issue must be understood as a matter of personal conscience.

There is a world of difference between the two, and it's the difference a moral frame makes. Stephen L. Carter has pointed out that spiritual discussion has been robbed of a place in American public life. As a consequence we tend -- often disastrously -- to use legislation to work out right and wrong. That puts many in Ratatouille Movie the position of having to advocate against abortion rights in order to proclaim their conviction that our high rate of avoidable abortion (one of the highest in fertilization different developed countries, five times that of the Summary Essay Netherlands, for example) is a social evil: and, conversely, many must pretend that abortion is not a transgression of any kind if we wish to lombroso's champion abortion rights. We have no ground on which to say that abortion is a necessary evil that should be faced and opposed in the realm of conscience and action and even soul; yet remain legal. But American society is struggling to find its way forward to a discourse of Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay right and wrong that binds together a common ethic for the secular and is a research essay, the religious. When we do that, we create a moral discourse that can exist in Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay its own right independent of legislation, and we can find ground to stand upon. Norma McCorvey explained what happened to is a research essay her in terms of good and evil: she woke in the middle of the night and felt a presence pushing violently down on her. I denounce you, Satan, she announced.

This way of talking about evil is one of the chief class-divisions in America: working-class people talk about Essay, Satan, and those whom Paul Fussell calls the X group -- those who run the calls book country -- talk instead about neurotic guilt. While the elite scoff at Ratatouille Movie Essay, research that shows that most Americans maintain a belief in the embodiment of evil -- the devil -- they miss something profound about the human need to make moral order out of chaos. After all, the only difference between the experience described by Clare the Cornell-educated pro-choicer, and research essay, McCorvey, the uneducated ex-alcoholic, is a classical allusion. There is a hunger for a moral framework that we pro-choicers must reckon with. In the Karlin Hers column, the author announced proudly that pregnant women are asked by the counselor in the office, So, how long, have you been prochoice?

Dr. Karlin writes that Laughter and the answer, 'About ten minutes,' is the healthiest response. Ratatouille Summary Essay? 'I still don't believe in abortion,' some women say, unaware that refusal to take responsibility for the decision means that I won't do the procedure. How is this feminist ideological coercion any different from the worst of pro-life shaming and coercion? The women who come to a clinic that is truly feminist -- that respects women -- are entitled not only to in what different their abortions but also to their sense of sin. To use the term sin in this context does not necessarily mean, as Dr. Karlin believes, that a woman thinks she must go to hell because she is having an abortion.

It may mean that she thinks she must face the realization that she has fallen short of who she should be; and Ratatouille Movie Summary, that she needs to ask forgiveness for that, and is a research, atone for it. Summary Essay? As I understand such a woman's response, she is trying to take responsibility for the decision. We on the left tend to twitch with discomfort at that word sin. Too often we have become religiously illiterate, and so we deeply misunderstand the word. But in all of the great religious traditions, our recognition of sin, and then our atonement for it, brings on God's compassion and is a, our redemption. In many faiths, justice is linked, as it is in medieval Judaism and in Buddhism, to Movie compassion.

From Yom Kippur and the Ash Wednesday-to-Easter cycle to brother the Hindu idea of karma, the individual's confrontation with her or his own culpability is the first step toward ways to create and receive more light. How could one live with a conscious view that abortion is an evil and still be pro-choice? Through acts of redemption, or what the Jewish mystical tradition calls tikkun or mending. Laurence Tribe, in Abortion: The Clash of Absolutes , notes that Memorial services for the souls of aborted fetuses are fairly common in contemporary Japan where abortions are both legal and readily available. Shinto doctrine holds that women should make offerings to the fetus to help it rest in peace; Buddhists once erected statues of the spirit guardian of children to honor aborted fetuses (called water children or unseeing children). If one believes that abortion is Ratatouille Summary Essay, killing and yet is still pro-choice, one could try to use contraception for every single sex act; if one had to undergo an abortion, one could then work to provide contraception, or jobs, or other choices to young girls; one could give money to programs that provide prenatal care to poor women, if one is a mother or father, one can remember the aborted child every time one is tempted to be less than loving -- and give renewed love to the living child.

And so on: tikkun . But when you insist, as the what research essay Hers column writer did, on stripping people of their sense of Movie sin, they react with a wholesale backing-away into a rigid morality that reimposes order: hence, the ascendancy of the religious right. Just look at the ill-fated nomination of Dr. Henry Foster for Surgeon General. The Republicans said abortion, and in what way is fertilization, the discussion was over. The Democrats, had they worked out a moral framework for Ratatouille Essay, progressivism, could have responded: Yes, our abortion rate is a terrible social evil. Here is a man who can help put a moral framework around the calls book chaos of a million and a half abortions a year. He can bring that rate of Ratatouille Summary evil down.

And whichever senator among you has ever prevented an unplanned pregnancy -- and Dr. Foster has -- let him ask the first question. Who gets blamed for our abortion rate? The ancient Hebrews had a ritual of sending a scapegoat into the desert with the community sins projected upon it. Abortion doctors are our contemporary scapegoats. The pro-lifers obviously scapegoat them in one way: if pro-lifers did to women what they do to abortion doctors -- harassed and targeted them in their homes and workplaces -- public opinion would rapidly turn against them: for the movement would soon find itself harassing the teachers and waitresses, housewives and younger sisters of their own communities. The pro-life movement would have to what is a research address the Ratatouille Movie Essay often all-too-pressing good reasons that lead good people to national income measures abort. That would be intolerable, a tactical defeat for the pro-life movement, and Ratatouille Essay, as sure to in what way is in angiosperms lose it the mushy middle as the pro-choice movement's tendency toward rhetorical coldness loses it the Movie Essay same constituency. But pro-choicers, too, scapegoat the best man speeches for older doctors and clinic workers. By resisting a moral framework in which to view abortion we who are pro-abortion-rights leave the doctors in the front lines, with blood on their hands: the blood of the repeat abortions -- at least 43 percent of the Summary total; the suburban summer country-club rite-of-passage abortions; the I don't know what came over national measures me, It was such good Chardonnay abortions; as well as the blood of the desperate and the unpreventable and accidental and the medically necessary and the violently.

conceived abortions. This is Summary, blood that the different in angiosperms doctors and clinic workers often see clearly, and that they heroically rinse and Ratatouille, cause to flow and rinse again And they rake all our sins, the national income pro-choice as well as the pro-life among us upon themselves. And we who are pro-choice compound their isolation by declaring that that blood is not there. As the world changes and women, however incrementally, become more free and more powerful, the language in which we phrase the goals of feminism must change as well. Movie Summary? As a result of the bad old days before the Second Wave of feminism, we tend to understand abortion as a desperately needed exit from near-total male control of our reproductive lives. The Importance Of Integrated Production System Manufacturing Industry.? This scenario posits an Ratatouille Summary, unambiguous chain of national income power and Ratatouille Essay, powerlessness in which men control women and women, in order to survive, must have unquestioned control over fetuses. It is this worldview, all too real in its initial conceptualization, that has led to the dread among many pro-choice women of an inspector book departing from Movie a model of woman-equals-human-life, fetus-equals-not-much. This model of reality may have been necessary in man speeches an unrelenting patriarchy. But today, in Movie Summary Essay what should be, as women continue to consolidate political power, a patriarchy crumbling in spite of itself, it can become obsolete. Now: try to national income measures imagine real gender equality. Actually try to Movie Essay imagine an America that is female-dominated.

Since a true working democracy in this country would reflect our 54-46 voting advantage. Now imagine such a democracy, in which women would be valued so very highly as a world that is accepting and is a research essay, responsible about human sexuality; in which there is no coerced sex without serious jailtime: in which there are affordable, safe contraceptives available for the taking in every public health building; in which there is economic parity for women -- and Ratatouille Movie Summary, basic economic subsistence for every baby born; and in which every young American woman knows about and understands her natural desire as a treasure to cherish, and responsibly, when the time is right, on her own terms, to share. In such a world, in which the Production System in the idea of gender as a barrier has become a dusty artifact, we would probably use a very different language about what would be -- then -- the Ratatouille rare and doubtless traumatic event of best man speeches for older abortion. That language would probably call upon respect and Essay, responsibility, grief and what research essay, mourning. In that world we might well describe the unborn and the never-to-be-born with the honest words of life. And in that world, passionate feminists might well hold candlelight vigils at abortion clinics, standing shoulder to shoulder with the doctors who work there, commemorating and Summary, saying goodbye to the dead.

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The Battle Over Homework: Common Ground for Administrators, Teachers, and Parents. Featured on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric . See Will Homework Ban Ease Student Stress? An excellent resource that provides research-based information as well as practical information. Administrators, teachers, and parents will find Cooper's book to Summary Essay be an indispensable resource. Mary Johnstone, Principal, Rabbit Creek Elementary, Anchorage, AK.

An easy-to-read, comprehensive resource for teachers, administrators, district staff, and parents interested in best schooling practices around homework. Barb Keating, Principal, FW Howay School, British Columbia, Canada. Does Homework Work? Homework is the cause of more friction between school and what home than any other aspect of education and becomes the prime battlefield when schools, families, and communities view one another as adversaries. Summary Essay? This comprehensive third edition tackles all the book, tough questions: What's the Movie, right amount of homework? What role should parents play . Citations Add to national measures My List Share Text Size. Cooper, H. (2007). The battle over homework: Common ground for administrators, teachers, and parents Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications Ltd. doi: 10.4135/9781483329420. Cooper, Harris.

The Battle Over Homework: Common Ground for Administrators, Teachers, and Parents . 3rd ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, 2007. doi: 10.4135/9781483329420. Cooper, H 2007, The battle over homework: common ground for administrators, teachers, and parents , 3rd edn, Corwin Press, Thousand Oaks, CA, viewed 5 October 2017, doi: 10.4135/9781483329420. Cooper, Harris. The Battle Over Homework: Common Ground for Summary Essay Administrators, Teachers, and Parents. 3rd ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, 2007.

SAGE Knowledge . Web. 5 Oct. 2017. Have you created a personal profile? Login or create a profile above so that you can save clips, playlists, and searches. Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the email feature.

Chapters Front Matter Back Matter Subject Index. [Page ii] To Faye Norflus Cooper, for the wonderful things she passed on to her grandchildren, through me. Copyright 2007 by Corwin Press. All rights reserved. When forms and sample documents are included, their use is authorized only by educators, local school sites, and/or noncommercial or nonprofit entities who have purchased the book. Except for that usage, no part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and in what way is different in angiosperms retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

A Sage Publications Company. 2455 Teller Road. Thousand Oaks, California 91320. Sage Publications Ltd. London EC1Y 1SP. Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd. B-42, Panchsheel Enclave.

New Delhi 110 017 India. Printed in the United States of America. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Cooper, Harris M. The battle over homework : common ground for administrators, teachers, and parents / Harris Cooper. Summary Essay? 3rd ed. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 1-4129-3712-4 or 978-1-4129-3712-2 (cloth) ISBN 1-4129-3713-2 or 978-1-4129-3713-9 (pbk.)

1. Homework. National? I. Ratatouille Movie Summary? Title. This book is printed on acid-free paper. 10 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2. Acquisitions Editor: Rachel Livsey. Editorial Assistant: Phyllis Cappello. Production Editor: Libby Larson. Copy Editor: Julie Gwin.

Typesetter: CM Digitals (P) Ltd. Proofreader: Ellen Brink. Indexer: Karen McKenzie. Cover Designer: Scott Van Atta. How much time should children spend doing homework? Should elementary school children do any homework at all? Do both high and low achievers benefit from homework?

What role should parents play in in what fertilization different in angiosperms, the homework process? Homework is a source of complaint and friction between home and school more often than any other teaching activity. Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay? Parents protest that assignments are too long or too short, too hard or too easy, and too ambiguous. Teachers complain about a lack of training, a lack of time to prepare effective assignments, and a lack of support from parents and lombroso's theory administrators. Students gripe about the time homework takes from their leisure activities, if they understand its value at all. These complaints are not surprising, considering that homework assignments are influenced by more factors than any other instructional strategy. Teachers can structure and monitor homework in many different ways. Student differences play a major role because homework allows students considerable leeway in whether, when, and how to complete assignments. The home influences the process by creating an Ratatouille, atmosphere that fosters or inhibits study. Finally, the broader community plays a role by providing other leisure activities that compete for theory the student's time. This third edition of The Battle Over Homework: Common Ground for Administrators, Teachers, and Parents has been significantly revised from the Ratatouille Essay, second edition.

The summaries of [Page x] research that appear throughout the book are based on a new synthesis of the calls, most recent studies of homework. The policy guidelines have been completely updated. But the book is still meant to be a resource not just for school administrators but for teachers and parents as well. I have written this book to help everyone involved in the process make sound decisions about homework. Ratatouille Movie Essay? My objective is to in what provide readers with the terms, definitions, and research evidence needed to hold conversations about homework in a constructive manner. Also, I hope to help readers set effective homework policies, rules, or guidelines, be they for a school district, a school, a classroom, or a family. The book speaks to all the parties in the homework processadministrators, teachers, parents, and students. A key to ending the battle over homework is communication.

It is critically important for Movie Summary all parties to know what others are doing and what essay why. To help communication, much of the material in the book is presented in the frequently asked questions, or FAQ, format that has grown very familiar in Ratatouille, recent years. I did this to make it easy for readers to find answers to the questions that concern them most. Administrators can use this book not only to help develop policies but also to assist in explaining to teachers and parents the rationale behind the homework guidelines they set. Is A Research Essay? Likewise, teachers can use the book to Summary Essay improve their classroom practices and to assist in justifying those practices to parents and students. Parents will find reasons why certain practices are followed by is a research schools and teachers as well as some practical advice regarding how to help their children with homework. But most important, I hope the Ratatouille Movie Essay, book is used by administrators, teachers, and parents together to make their discussions about homework a positive experience and to help resolve disagreements. The book addresses homework issues at both the elementary and secondary levels. We shall see that the differences in the functions and results of theory, homework at different grade levels are among homework's most interesting and revealing characteristics. [Page xi] The book is divided into six chapters. The first chapter contains (a) a general definition of homework; (b) the important distinctions in homework assignments; (c) a list of the possible effects of homework, both positive and negative; and (d) a model of the homework process.

Also, I provide a historical framework for understanding the issues and debates about homework. The second chapter summarizes research on whether homework is generally effective, as well as whether it is more effective for some grade levels, subjects, and Movie types of measures, students than for others. This chapter also looks at Summary, research on how much homework is best for students at different grades. Best Man Speeches For Older? The third chapter examines studies of Essay, variations in brother, homework assignments that can influence their effects on achievement. Particular attention is paid to the structure of assignments and the value of classroom follow-up, such as grading and Movie feedback.

The fourth chapter looks at how the community and in what fertilization different in angiosperms family fit into the homework process. It offers parents some suggestions, based on research, about when and Summary how to get involved in their students' assignments. The fifth chapter, written with school administrators and teachers first in lombroso's theory, mind, reviews some of the policy recommendations offered by government agencies, education-related organizations, school districts, and schools. I integrate some of these recommendations into Summary a set of homework policy guidelinesconsistent with research findingsfor school districts, schools, and an inspector classrooms. Finally, I have included a chapter with tips for teachers, parents, and Ratatouille Movie Essay students meant to help them ensure that homework is completed in an efficient and effective way. My involvement with homework began in 1986. In that year, I received a grant from the National Science Foundation to what research gather, summarize, and integrate the research on the effects of homework.

At that time, research had little influence on Summary Essay, homework practices and policies. This was because the influences on homework are complexno simple, general statement about whether homework helps learning was possible. Furthermore, there was enough homework research so that studies could be found to promote whatever position was desired, while the contradictory evidence was ignored. Thus, [Page xii] advocates for or against lombroso's homework often cited isolated studies either to support or refute its value. I had no strong predisposition favoring or opposing homework when I began my studies 20 years ago. I did have a two-year-old son at the time (with a daughter to follow shortly thereafter), so homework was about to become an issue in Ratatouille Movie, my family. My wife had just begun her elementary school teaching career, one that now also spans more than 20 years. In addition, I had much experience with techniques for summarizing research literatures (Cooper, 1998; Cooper Hedges, 1994). Lombroso's? I believe firmly that research, when comprehensively summarized and fairly treated, can positively influence educational policy and practice. Movie Summary? Therefore, I attempted to collect all research, both positive and negative, that examined the effects of homework or that compared variations in homework assignments. Then, I applied the most rigorous techniques to integrate the results of man speeches for older brother, studies, using statistical procedures if possible.

Ultimately, my first synthesis of homework research included nearly 120 studies. It require me to read about twice that many related pieces on homework and resulted in the first book-length assessment of homework as an Movie Essay, instructional strategy, titled, not surprisingly, Homework (Cooper, 1989). The first edition of The Battle Over Homework followed. Next, in the mid-1990s, my colleagues and I conducted an extensive survey of more than 80 teachers and 700 families regarding how the lombroso's theory, homework process unfolded in their lives. When this research was completed, I prepared the second edition of this book. Now my students and I have completed yet another review of the literature on homework, covering the studies on homework that have appeared since the first review. We found more than 60 new studies on Ratatouille Essay, the effectiveness of in what fertilization, homework, about 60 studies that looked at parent involvement, and numerous studies on the impact of assignment characteristics on homework outcomes. It was the Summary Essay, results of what is a, these recent research reviews that motivated me to Ratatouille Movie Summary prepare this third edition. Also, in the two decades since my involvement with [Page xiii] homework began, I have spent hundreds of hours talking with individual principals, teachers, and parents about homework. I have given workshops for teachers and led discussions with groups of national, parents. Movie Essay? Those discussions, along with the literature by researchers and practicing educators as well as my own investigations, are the foundation for the contents of the pages that follow.

Too often, educators, parents, and students fall into ways of thinking that view schools and theory families as adversaries. Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay? Homework is a prime battleground in these conflicts. I believe that the battles over homework can be avoided. Indeed, I view families as the first and measures principal site of learning and schools as extensions of Ratatouille Movie, families. When we keep these ideas in mind, homework becomes an for older, opportunity for Movie Essay cooperation in learning. Thanks are extended to the National Science Foundation and the U.S.

Department of Education for providing the lombroso's, funds I needed to carry out the research that informs this book. Ratatouille Essay? Of course, the opinions expressed herein are those of the author and not necessarily of the funding agencies. Thanks to my collaborators on the research, in particular, to Jim Lindsay and Barbara Nye for in what way is their collaboration on our survey research and to Jorgianne Robinson and Erika Patall for their stellar work on our most recent research syntheses. And especially, thanks to the hundreds of parents, teachers, and students who completed questionnaires and shared their ideas and Movie Summary Essay experiences about homework with me. The Importance Production In The? They provided a constant reminder that research is never more valuable than when it helps make our everyday lives just a little bit better. The contributions of the following reviewers are gratefully acknowledged: Rabbit Creek Elementary School. New Westminster School District.

British Columbia, Canada. [Page xvi] Ronald L. Russell. Assessment Consultant/Licensed School Psychologist. Loess Hills Area Education Agency 13. Associate Professor of Education. University of MissouriSt. Louis. Harris Cooper is a professor in Summary Essay, the Department of different in angiosperms, Psychology and director of the Program in Education at Duke University.

He received his PhD in social psychology from the University of Connecticut, spent 26 years on the faculty at the University of MissouriColumbia, and Ratatouille Essay has been a visiting scholar at way is, Harvard University, Stanford University, the University of Oregon, and the Russell Sage Foundation. Ratatouille Movie? For six years, he was an elected member of the theory, board of education in Essay, Columbia, Missouri, a school district serving more than 16,000 students. Dr. Theory? Cooper is widely recognized as the Ratatouille Summary Essay, nation's leading expert on homework. His work has been quoted in every major print outlet in in what fertilization, the United States, and Movie Summary he has appeared as a guest on NBC Dateline , the Oprah Winfrey Show , and all the national income measures, major television and radio news programs. Dr. Ratatouille Essay? Cooper's research interests include other applications of social psychology to educational policy issues. He has published more than two dozen articles and book chapters on the formation and effects of is a research, teacher expectations. Movie Essay? He has recently written on the policy implications of best brother, research concerning summer school and modified school calendars. He is the author of two books on the process of Summary, conducting research syntheses. [Page xviii] Dr.

Cooper is the way is fertilization different in angiosperms, editor of Psychological Bulletin; has been an advising editor for the Journal of Educational Psychology , the Ratatouille, Elementary School Journal , the Journal of Experimental Education , and Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin; and has been a guest editor of special issues on homework for the Educational Psychologist and Theory Into Practice . He has been a recipient of the American Educational Research Association's Interpretive Scholarship Award and Early Career Award for Programmatic Research. The Corwin Press logoa raven striding across an open bookrepresents the union of courage and learning. Corwin Press is committed to improving education for all learners by publishing books and other professional development resources for of Integrated System in the Industry. those serving the field of PreK-12 education. By providing practical, hands-on materials, Corwin Press continues to carry out the promise of its motto: Helping Educators Do Their Work Better . Citations Add to My List Share Text Size.

Cooper, H. (2007). The battle over homework: Common ground for administrators, teachers, and parents Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications Ltd. doi: 10.4135/9781483329420. Cooper, Harris. The Battle Over Homework: Common Ground for Administrators, Teachers, and Parents . Ratatouille Movie? 3rd ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, 2007. doi: 10.4135/9781483329420. Cooper, H 2007, The battle over homework: common ground for administrators, teachers, and parents , 3rd edn, Corwin Press, Thousand Oaks, CA, viewed 5 October 2017, doi: 10.4135/9781483329420. Cooper, Harris.

The Battle Over Homework: Common Ground for Administrators, Teachers, and Parents. 3rd ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, 2007. SAGE Knowledge . Web. 5 Oct. 2017.

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amphibia essay Amphibia refers to double life, or life in water and on Movie Summary, land. Includes the salamanders, frogs, toads, and caecilians with approximately 3,900 spp. Characterized by: Being tetrapods (4 limbs) that facilitate moving about on land - these limbs evolved from the pectoral and pelvic fins Skin is thin, soft, glandular and magid (lack scales except in the caecilians) - skin of caecilians with scales similar to those of fish Ectothermic Both gill and lung breathers - usually gills in the larval stage, replaced by lungs in the adult; cutaneous respiration in many Three-chambered heart with two atria and one ventricle Amphibian reproduction variable fertilization may be internal or external egg-layers (oviparous) but may have modifications associated with development egg anamniotic - doesnt have a shell but covered with a series of in what way is fertilization different, gelatinous layers hatchling in aquatic larval form which breath by Ratatouille Movie gills most larvae herbivorous, some omnivorous to carnivorous larval stage may last from calls, 10 days to 20+ years Amphibians are unable to regulate body temperature skin types limit distribution to warm, moist climates (i.e. Movie! tropics, subtropics, and temperate zones) most US species in the south; not found in dry areas generally limited to freshwater lakes, streams, ponds - none are true marine forms Amphibians are represented by three subclasses Subclass Labrinthodontia - looked like a salamander represented by genus Ichthyostega (fish with feet or legs) identified by specific labronthodont tooth Subclass Lepospondyli named for vertebral type with three fused parts Subclass Lissamphibia - contains all living specimens where living amphibians evolved is not clear - modern (living) amphibians appeared in Triassic Three primary orders of lombroso's, Amphibia within the Subclass Lissamphibia Caudata (Urodela) - Salamanders Anura (Salientia) - Frogs and toads Apoda (Gymnophiona) - Caecilians Order Caudata - Salamanders bearing a tail 340 species worldwide, 9 Nearctic families, 6 in Movie Essay, US - most holarctic (N. hemisphere) have four limbs usually of an inspector calls, equal size, a tail, and elongated body skin is smooth and glandular with mucus and poison glands found primarily under leaf litter, in soils, or may be fully aquatic most have internal fertilization by way of a spematophore (packet of sperm deposited by the male which is picked up by Summary Essay the female following courtship; gelatinous coating dissolves to release sperm all predaceous - none herbivorous: feed on insects, worms, etc. For Older Brother! In southern US reproduction occurs primarily in Movie Summary, the winter come out of burrows, mate, and return to burrows eggs develop in lombroso's theory, ponds increased rainfall seems to stimulate breeding most species breed annually although some breen only every two years Sexual dimorphism limited - little differences between males and females cloacal glands enlarge during reproductive activity to Ratatouille Movie Summary, contribute mucus layers to spermatophore male skin slightly rougher and caudal fins become longer hedonic glands in way is fertilization, male 90% of all salamanders utilize spermatophores for internal fertilization. Egg and Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay, larval development may follow one of five general pathways Both egg and larval stages aquatic Necturidae, Amphiumidae, most Ambystomatidae permanently aquatic Eggs terrestrial, larvae aquatic Ambystoma opacum (marbled salamander) lay eggs in depressions which fill with rainfall; eggs hatch as aquatic larvae eggs terrestrial, larvae terrestrial Plethodontid Desmognathus aeneus - larval form does not feed before developing into adult eggs terrestrial with direct development Plethodontids which develop from national, egg directly through larval stage to adult eggs retained in Ratatouille Summary Essay, the oviduct and fully develop, followed by The Importance of Integrated System Industry. live birth Reproductive strategies based on site of oviposition in open static water (lentic systems) - sirens and Ratatouille Movie, salamandrids in in what fertilization different, running water (lotic systems) - some plethodontids eggs deposited under rocks, debris terrestrial sites - Plethodontids deposited away from Summary, water under logs, rocks, leaf litter eggs of best, salamanders typical for Ratatouille, amphibians mesolecithal ( 50% yolk) surrounded by an inspector book vitelline membrane and gelatinous capsule sperm typically have acrosome, headpiece, and tail acrosome contains some golgi and Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay, important for fertilization headpiece contains the nuclear material tail consists of flagella for locomotion and mitochondria in midpiece sperm delivered by spermatophore - stalk supporting sperm cap 2-10mm above substrate stalk secreted by cloacal glands; sperm cap by pelvic glands Family Cryptobranchidae - hellbenders hidden gill contain the largest living salamanders distributed in eastern US, Japan, one species in China to 9 Cryptobranchis alleganiensis found in Appalachians of Kentucky/Tennessee Family Ambystomatidae - mole salamanders restricted to US and Canada represented by marbled, tiger, and small-mouthed salamanders Family Amphiumidae - congo eels only three species in the world named for the number of toes Amphiuma tridactylum in theory, Walker County Family Plethodontidae - lungless salamanders breath entirely through the skin and Ratatouille Summary Essay, floor of the mouth many New World species which may breed on measures, land Family Necturidae (Proteidae) - mudpuppies represented by five species in the US all in Ratatouille Movie Summary, the genus Necturus permanently aquatic salamanders which retain functional gills as adults Family Salamandridae - newts US and European distribution rough-skinned with no costal grooves Family Sirenidae - sirens 3 species restricted to the eastern US - lesser, greater, and best man speeches for older, dwarf sirens Siren intermedia (lesser siren) in Walker Co.) permanently aquatic with front legs and Essay, no back legs, external gills Order Anura - frogs and toads. 3,400 species have four limbs usually of unequal size - hind limbs are elongated and modified for jumping head and best for older, trunk fused, tail in larval form lost as adult more widespread than the salamanders vocalizations are restricted primarily to the male for courtship, establishing territories - may be resonated by a vocal pouch most have external fertilization where eggs and sperm are shed directly into the water - general reproduction patterns follow that of Movie, salamanders Generalized reproductive pattern. males vocalize to what research, attract females. amplexus (clasping of the Ratatouille Movie, female by the male for lombroso's, mating) brings the cloacas of the male and female together. external fertilization of eggs by sperm; both deposited in the water. tadpoles develop - length of Movie Essay, development depends on the species. adults predaceous - insectivorous/carnivorous. Two primary reproductive positions: Axillary - male grasps the female just behind the forelimbs. Inguinal - male grasps the female around the waist just in income, front of the hind limbs.

remain in position until eggs and sperm are released for fertilization. Family Ascaphidae - tailed frog represented only by Ascaphus truei in mountainous Pacific NW male retains its tail as an intromittent organ as an adaptation for mating in fast-flowing streams - copulation may last for 24-30 hours, sperm viable for up to Movie Summary, 2 years Family Pelobatidae - spadefoot toads eye with an elliptical pupil; expanded horny digger on an inspector calls book, hind feet primarily live underground and come out at night breed in temporary pools and young may develop from egg and larval stage in 12 days Family Leptodactylidae - narrow-toed toads SW US and Rio Grande River valley most species tropical laying eggs on Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay, land frog-like in appearance with prominent tubercles on underside of calls, toes near joints Family Bufonidae - true toads. Essay! 350 species worldwide - all 17 US species in the genus Bufo skins very warty with partid glands behind the eyes - secretes bad tasting poisonous substance as a protection against System Manufacturing, predators shorter legs designed for hopping rather than leaping typically burrow at Ratatouille Summary night Family Hylidae - tree frogs. 700 species worldwide; Acris , Hyla , and Pseudacris in Walker Co. Hyla are the true tree frogs with large adhesive toe pads and very little webbing between the toes - arboreal Pseudacris mostly ground dwellers with almost webless toes and very small or no toe pads Family Ranidae - true frogs small to large frogs with long legs and slim waist large, distinct eardrum broadly webbed hind feet and usually with a prominent ridge down each side of the back aquatic to terrestrial with aquatic larvae represented by the genus Rana Family Myrohylidae - narrow-mouthed toads small, chunky anurans with a smooth skin, a small head with a pointed snout, and national, short limbs arboreal, terrestrial, or burrowing terrestrial larvae may be nonfeeding Primary skeletal modifications in Summary Essay, Anurans a general reduction in in what way is fertilization, skull and girdle elements pelvic girdle attackes to a single sacral vertebra single cervical vertebra (atlas) articulates with two occipital condyles - no second differentiated axis no differentiation in Ratatouille Movie, the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae anterior to an inspector calls book, the urostyle followed by a single sacral vertebra ribs if present never articulate with the Ratatouille Movie, sternum distal limb bones fused - tibiofibula and is a, radio-ulna increased joints in pelvic limbs to increase jumping ability Order Apoda (Gymnophiona) - Caecilians name means without legs - a worm-like animal subterranean diggers. 160 species restricted to Ratatouille Movie Summary, tropics and best brother, subtropics eyes may be covered by skin or even bone tentacle of Ratatouille Essay, head may serve as a chemosensory organ to detect underground prey vivipary common - young 30-60% of females body size when born initial growth of fetus supported by yolk sac, embryos feed on what is a research, uterine milk secreted from the Ratatouille Movie, epithelial wall of oviduct Generalized amphibian integument earliest amphibians probably covered with scales - still apparent in national income measures, some cacaelians epidermal layers highly glandular although glands actually located in Ratatouille Summary, dermis mucus secretions for income measures, reduction of Ratatouille Movie, water loss venom glands - poisonous or toxic substances hedonic glands - male head or chin - pheromonally stimulates female to clasp and national, reproduce cornified layers shed in Ratatouille Movie Summary, pieces males usually lacking claws, some with cornified extensions similar in appearance colors variable, produced by lipophores (lipid-soluble, yellow-red), melanophores (melanin, tawny-black), guanophores (guanine crystals, clear-white), ameboid (change shape and location to produce color variation)

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franz schubert essay Franz Peter Schubert is one of the most famous and Ratatouille popular Austrian composers known worldwide. He made a significant contribution in the development of an inspector book, music even though initially he lacked the Ratatouille Summary Essay, professional education and his knowledge was considered to be quite meager. Nonetheless, regardless obvious gaps in what is a research professional knowledge, his talent and the help from the part of his friends and family permitted Franz Schubert create his outstanding creative works which remain popular till the present moment and music festivals known as Schubertiade are still widely spread and Ratatouille Movie attract real connoisseurs of classic music. During his professional career Franz Schubert wrote about 600 lieders, seven completed symphonies, and the famous Unfinished Symphony. Also he became popular as the author of liturgical music, operas, and man speeches for older brother a large amount of chamber and Summary Essay solo piano music. Ironically, he was not widely recognized neither was he really popular within his lifetime.

In actuality, it was only a limited circle of specialists and outstanding composers and The Importance of Integrated Production in the Manufacturing musicians who could really appreciate and understand his talent and the extent to Summary, which his works were original and innovative. Practically all his writings were characterized as highly original and harmonic. He started to mature as a composer in Vienna and his first relatively successful attempts in music were made in early 1820s when the first signs of the original and unique style of Schubert became quite obvious. Among his first works may be named the unfinished oratorio Lazarus, which he began in book February 1820, than it was followed by Ratatouille Summary Essay, the 23 rd Psalm, the Gesang der Geister, the Quartettzatz in C minor and lombroso's the really great Wanderer Fantasy for piano. At the same time, Franz Schubert created two operas that appeared in Viennas Karntnethor theater Die Zwillingsbruder and Die Zauberharfe. It is worthy of mention that at the beginning his works were restricted to amateur orchestra at the Gundelhof, a society which grew out of the quartet-parties at his home (McKay 1996, p.163), but as he implemented his talent his audience gradually enlarged and more and more people could enjoy by his creative work.

Unfortunately, he still basically remained unpublished. In this respect, it should be said that in Ratatouille Essay 1821 his Alfonso und Estrella was refused and so was Fierabras. His further works were not very successful either, for instance, his Die Verschworenen was prohibited by the censor, mainly on the ground of its title, and Rosamunde was withdrawn after two nights, presumably because of the poor quality of its libretto. At the same time, it is necessary to way is different in angiosperms, underline that Die Verschworenen was actually a bright and attractive comedy, while Rosamunde contained some of the most charming music that Schubert ever composed. In 1823, Schubert created his first song cycle, Die Schone Mullerin that, together with the Summary, later cycle Winterreise, is considered to be one of the most significant and talented works of the composer and of the German Lied at large. The next year he wrote the magnificent Octet in F, A Sketch for a Grand Symphony, and Divertissement a lHongrois, and the String quartet in A minor. The same year he completed the Mass in A flat. However, one of the what is a research, most significant and widely known works created by Franz Schubert was the exquisite Unfinished Symphony which he began in 1822 but did not manage to finish even though he lived for six years more.

Nonetheless, this unfinished work was apparently a turning point in his career and creative work since it symbolized the beginning of the new stage in his professional development and indicated at a certain shift of interests in the composers creative work. To put it more precisely, the Symphony No 8 in B minor known as The Unfinished Symphony marked the beginning of the Romantic period in his career which was quite symbolic, especially after his first failures and the period which may be called the dark period in Movie Summary his creative work when he was unpublished. At the same time, this symphony also marked the development of the an inspector calls, Romantic period not only in the professional work of Franz Schubert but it also reflected the general trends in the contemporary European and Austrian art and socio-cultural life at large. This is why The Unfinished Symphony may be viewed as a turning point in Schubert work which incorporated his talent, innovative and original style and his unique views on Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay music and art along with recent achievements in socio-cultural life as well as the recent achievements in music and orchestra. Obviously, the development of Franz Schuberts career was to a significant extent predetermined by theory, his surrounding and Ratatouille Essay the current socio-cultural situation in theory the country at large and in Vienna, where he worked productively, in particular. It should be pointed out that the Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay, early life and Manufacturing Industry. career of Franz Schubert was accompanied by a series of turbulent events that dramatically changed the Movie Summary Essay, traditional lifestyle in Europe and naturally affected the development of art and music. To put it more precisely, the beginning of the 19 th century, when Schubert was actually formed as a composer and music professional, was marked by the Napoleonic wars and the radical ideological change in European culture. In fact, it was the epoch of a difficult shift from traditional absolutist ideology to an inspector calls book, the new, more democratic one. Basically, this was the Summary, result of the French Revolution that changed the in what fertilization, socio-economic and political situation in the continent and, in such a situation, the Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay, Napoleonic wars were just one of the consequences of this revolution. Naturally, the main ideas of the French Revolution could not fail but affect the Production in the Manufacturing, traditional lifestyle and ideology of Austrians since Napoleon actually defeated Austria in the war. Ratatouille Movie? What was more important for the development of different, art and music in such a situation was not the Essay, fact that Napoleon firstly defeated Austria and gained political and economic control over the country which he, though, eventually lost but rather the ideological impact of French on local culture and is a research art as well as on the whole population of Ratatouille Movie Summary, Austria and lombroso's its lifestyle, views and opinion.

Unquestionably, the French, even though it was the French army, brought the progressive ideology to Austrian people the totally new ideology which basic principles were those of the French Revolution, i.e. liberty, fraternity, and equality. In fact, the Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay, new ideology was totally different from what the local culture was based on since traditional Austrian ideology was based on the principles of different, absolutism that implied the absolute power of the monarch and a strict class division of the Essay, society which had practically unchangeable social hierarchy. In such a situation, the ideology of equality and liberty was absolutely revolutionary since it made all people equal and, what is more, conscious of their human rights which could not be usurped by a monarch or nobility. Consequently, the progressive part of Austrian society, especially in Vienna, willingly absorbed this new ideology which practically ruined ideals of the past which absolutely out of date. On the other hand, this new ideology remained quite strong and progressing even after the defeat of Napoleon and the restoration of monarchy and System in the Industry. one of the main effects of this dramatic change in Summary social conscience of Austrians was idealism that brought the ideals of the French Revolution. Basically, this was the result of the substantial split between the reality and the desired ideals of the The Importance Manufacturing Industry., French Revolution. Obviously, the ideas of equality and total liberty were very attractive, especially for such young people as Franz Schubert, and they naturally affected dramatically their own views, beliefs and, consequently, their creative work.

As a result, such idealism led to Ratatouille Movie, the development of the romanticism in art at large and music in is a research essay particular. On the other hand, the effect of the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars was not only ideological but it also led to the development of the middle-class represented by the bourgeoisie which naturally had its own views on different aspects of life, including culture, art and Ratatouille Essay music. Income Measures? This led to the development of Biedermeier which was spread in Central Europe, including Austria. In fact this term refers to work in Movie Summary the field of national income measures, literature, music, the visual arts and interior design. In this respect, it is Ratatouille, worthy of mention that often the theory, work of Biedermeier poets affected the work of many composers.

Schubert was exception. For instance, his Die Schone Mullerin was inspired by poems of Wilhelm Muller. Moreover, the composer became the symbol of Biedermeier in Austria. Its development was predetermined by the growing urbanization and industrialization leading to a new urban middle class, and with it a new kind of Movie Essay, audience. Schubert perfectly realized it and his early Lieder, which could be performed at the piano without substantial musical training, illustrated the broadened reach of art in this period. Also, there was another important trend that affected the creative work of Shcubert and the development of Biedermeier. This was the growing political oppression following the for older, end of the Napoleonic Wars prompting people to concentrate on the domestic and non-political (Plantinga 1984, p.204). However, this period was also marked by significant limitations of the freedom of speech. Notably, Franz Schubert extremely suffered from strict rules of publications and the existing system of censorship that prevented some of Ratatouille Essay, his works from being published, such as Die Verschworenen, which was no published presumably because of in what fertilization, its title. Naturally, such limitations of the Ratatouille Movie Essay, freedom of speech limited dramatically the creative work of the lombroso's theory, composer who was apparently discouraged by Movie, the fact that his works, being positively assessed by specialists and his friends, remained unpublished.

By the way, it is necessary to underline that Franz Schuberts friends and his family played an extremely important role in his creative work and, in all probability, he could hardly write the Unfinished Symphony without their cordial support. It should be said that his friends and family helped him keep progressing and, what is The Importance in the Manufacturing, more, they supported him financially as well as thy helped him realize his own talent and demonstrate it to the public. At this point, it is possible to refer to the probably most difficult period in Ratatouille his creative work preceding the Unfinished symphony, when Franz Schubert worked hard but was not published. For instance, he stated that I write all day and when I have finished one piece I begin another (McKay 1996, p.223). Naturally, it could be hardly possible to forecast the consequences of the limitations of publishing of his works if his friends did not support him. Notably, all this time his circle of friends was gradually widening. For instance, Mayrhofer introduced him to Johan Michael Vogl, a famous baritone, who did him good service by performing his songs in the salons of way is different in angiosperms, Vienna. Another friend of his, Anselm Huttenbrenner and his brother Joseph ranged themselves among his most devoted admirers. The Sonnleithners, a burgher family whose eldest son had been at Movie the Convict, gave him free access to their home, and organized in his honor musical parties which soon assumed the name of Schubertiaden. Remarkably, the latter still persist and remain quite popular among the connoisseurs of classic music and admirers of Schubert talent.

Orchestra size at the time. Speaking about Franz Schubert creative work at large and lombroso's his Unfinished Symphony in particular, it is necessary to point out that they were not only original and harmonic but they were also, to a significant extent, innovative. Summary Essay? For instance, it should be said that some of his works preceding The Unfinished Symphony, notably Fierabras, Die Verschworenen and The Importance Manufacturing Industry. Rosamunde, being practically unknown to the wide public during the composers lifetime, were written on a scale which would make their performance exceedingly difficult. Ratatouille Summary Essay? To put it more precisely, Fierabras contained over 1000 pages of calls book, manuscript score that was quite unusual for that time. In such a situation, it seems to be quite natural that Franz Schuberts Unfinished Symphony was also quite original and innovative and could be viewed as the continuation of his experiments, though this was probably one of the most fundamental works created by the composer, regardless the fact that it was never finished. Speaking about this symphony, it is primarily necessary to point out that, although Schubert began to Movie Summary, work on this symphony in 1822, he gave the two completed movements in The Importance Production System in the Manufacturing 1823 to his friend, Anselm Huttenbrenner, as the representative of the Graz Music Society which had given him an honorary diploma as a recognition of his talent and importance of his work. Unfortunately, they were not performed until 1865, when they were conducted in Vienna by Johan Herbeck, who had persuaded Huttenbrenner to show him the score and who added the last movement of Ratatouille Movie, Schuberts Third Symphony as a finale. Of Integrated Production In The Industry.? As for the original movements written by Franz Schubert, it should be said that they were really different from what was traditionally accepted in that epoch. To put it more precisely, the Ratatouille Movie Essay, key of the symphony was virtually unprecedented since none of the leading composers of that time, including Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven wrote no symphonies in B minor. Nowadays, it is believed that they avoid it because the key is lombroso's theory, a very difficult one for valveless brass instruments which were extremely popular at Ratatouille Summary that time. At the epoch there was no B natural crook for horns and trumpets.

Remarkably, Schubert had managed to solve this problem partly by fertilization different, writing for trumpets in E. His first movement starts in B minor and modulates to a second subject in G major a surprisingly short four measures of transition. In order to better understand the significance of the symphony and Essay its effect on the development of the romantic trend in Schubert creativity, it is necessary to discuss the best, two complete and completely orchestrated movements. The symphonys first movement is in sonata form, opening softly in the strings followed by a melody sounded by Movie Essay, the oboes and man speeches clarinets. A transition, typical for the style of Franz Schubert, consists of just four measures, effectively modulating to the sub-mediant key of G major. Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay? The second subject group is one of Schuberts most famous. This group is played by the celli and repeated by the violins.

An emphatic closing theme features heavy sforzandi, and is based on a continual development of the second subject. Commentators on the symphony reaching back as far as Brahms have noted the highly dissonant chord that ends the exposition (Chusid 1968). Here Schuber superimposes a tonic B in what is a research essay the bassoons over the dominant F chord, creating the Movie, mixture of the way is fertilization different in angiosperms, two tonalities that evokes the end of the development in Beethovens Erotica Symphony (Chusid 1968). Furthermore, it should be said that the development section is Movie, extended and features a reworking of the what, primary theme group. Near the end the flutes and oboes recapture their melodic role from the movements beginning, preparing the Ratatouille Movie Essay, transition to recapitulation. The recapitulation follows the standard sonata from principles, except for somewhat unusual modulation for the second subject. Instead of the lombroso's theory, conventional employment of the tonic (B minor), Schubert composes the second subject in Movie Summary D major. The closing theme reaches the national measures, threshold where the exposition had repeated, but leads instead to a coda in the tonic that recalls the opening theme. On analyzing the Summary, second movement, it should be pointed out that basically it alternates between two contrasting themes. One the one hand, the first theme features counterpoint between the basses, horns, and violins. On the other hand, the second theme appears first in the solo clarinet before passing to calls, the other woodwinds.

Both themes are interrupted by episodes of Ratatouille Movie Essay, counterpoint, and man speeches for older brother are repeated in variation. It is also worthy of mention that the fragment of the scherzo intended as the Ratatouille Essay, third movement returns to B minor. At the same time, it is necessary to underline that Franz Schubert skillfully uses trombone in his Unfinished Symphony, which, remaining not very exposed, plays an extremely important role in the symphony upbringing a substantial degree of best man speeches brother, original and Summary Essay unique style typical for the composer and underlying the original combination of musical instruments in the symphony and their unusual use compared to the traditional symphonies created at that epoch. Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that since the beginning of his professional career Franz Schubert faced a number of difficulties. National Income Measures? In fact, even his education was marked by the low quality and, probably, it is only due to his talent he had managed to realize himself as a composer whose works are still popular.

At the Ratatouille, same time, it is necessary remember about the support of his family and friends who supported him both morally and national income materially. Obviously the position of the beginning composer would be much more difficult without the support of his family and friends. At the same time, it is necessary to underline that to a significant extent the difficulties Franz Schubert faced in his creative work were basically predetermined by the existing norms both legal and cultural. In this respect, the problem with the freedom of speech was probably one of the most significant since limitations in Essay publishing and the existing censorship prevented many of his works from publishing and, consequently, he was deprived of the possibility to widely publish his works. What was important in such a situation was the fact that the pretexts for an inspector calls book the refusal to publish his works were often irrelevant to the actual quality of his works. In other words, the pretexts were basically political while many specialists, including his close friends who were quite respectable music professionals, agreed that Franz Schubert was a really talented composer. Naturally, his talent could not remain unnoticed and the postmortem popularity of Schuberts works perfectly illustrated the extent of his talent. Ironically, he remained practically unnoticed by the wide audience in his lifetime. Nonetheless, nowadays it seems to be even natural that his works became really popular only years after his death since, as The Unfinished Symphony proves, his works were quite unusual and probably too complicated at the epoch of their creation. The composer used original style that different from Ratatouille Movie Summary, traditional ones and in what way is different in angiosperms it was practically difficult to fully realize Schuberts ideas and the potential of his work during his lifetime, but it is really important that he managed to write all his works that became a great heritage of Essay, a great but unrecognized by measures, the wide audience of his epoch composer.


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essay myself grade 7 Writing standards for seventh grade define the knowledge and skills needed for writing proficiency at this grade level. By understanding 7th grade writing standards, parents can be more effective in helping their children meet grade level expectations. What is 7th Grade Writing? In Grade 7, students refine and build upon previously learned knowledge and Movie Essay skills in increasingly complex essays. On a regular basis, 7th grade students are expected to produce clear, coherent, and focused essays that are error-free. Seventh grade students are able to select and use different forms of writing for The Importance Production System in the Manufacturing Industry., specific purposes such as to inform, persuade, or entertain. Students vary sentence structure and Summary use verb tenses appropriately and consistently such as present, past, future, perfect, and progressive. Seventh grade students edit their writing based on their knowledge of grammar and usage, spelling, punctuation, and other conventions of written language.

Seventh-graders use every phase of the writing process and The Importance of Integrated Manufacturing Industry. continue to build their knowledge of writing conventions. Ratatouille Summary? Students draw data from multiple primary and secondary sources for use in research reports and projects. The following writing standards represent what states* typically specify as 7th grade benchmarks in writing proficiency: Seventh grade writing standards focus on the writing process as the primary tool to help students become independent writers. In Grade 7, students are taught to use each phase of the process as follows: Prewriting: In grade 7, students generate ideas from multiple sources and use organizational strategies and tools such as technology, graphic organizers, notes, and outlines.

Students choose the form of writing that best suits the intended purpose and then make a plan for writing that prioritizes ideas, addresses purpose, audience, main idea, and logical sequence. Research Essay? Drafting: In seventh grade, students develop drafts by categorizing ideas, organizing them into paragraphs, and blending paragraphs within larger units of text. Writing exhibits the students awareness of the audience and purpose. Essays contain formal introductions, ample supporting evidence (e.g., facts, statistics, examples, anecdotes), and conclusions. Students analyze language techniques of professional authors, including concrete and abstract word choices, and infusing a variety of language techniques to Summary Essay reinforce voice. Revising: In seventh grade, students revise selected drafts by way is fertilization, elaborating, deleting, combining, and rearranging text. Goals for revision include improving coherence, progression, and the logical support of ideas and content. Grade 7 revision techniques include adding transitional words between sentences to unify important ideas and creating interest by using a variety of sentence structures (including the use of participles and participial phrases at the beginning and end of sentences). Students also evaluate drafts for Ratatouille Movie Essay, voice, point of view, and best man speeches for older precision of Movie Essay vocabulary. Seventh-graders use creative language devices, and what research essay modify word choices using resources and reference materials (e.g., dictionary, thesaurus).

Editing: Students edit their writing to ensure standard usage, varied sentence structure, and appropriate word choice (e.g., eliminating slang). Seventh-graders proofread for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling, using reference materials, word processor, and other resources. Publishing: Using technology, seventh graders refine and publish their work frequently in a format appropriate to audience and purpose (e.g., manuscript, multimedia). Summary? Published pieces use appropriate formatting and graphics (e.g., tables, drawings, charts, graphs) when applicable to enhance the appearance of the document. Use of technology: Seventh grade students use available technology to support aspects of creating, revising, editing, and publishing texts. Students compose documents with appropriate formatting by using word-processing skills and principles of design (e.g., margins, tabs, spacing, columns, page orientation).

Students also develop simple databases and spreadsheets to manage information and prepare reports. In seventh grade, students write to express, discover, record, develop, reflect on ideas, and to fertilization in angiosperms problem solve, and produce texts of at Ratatouille Movie least 500 to 700 words. Specifically, 7th grade writing standards stipulate that students write in the following forms: Narrative: Seventh grade students write fictional or autobiographical narratives that develop a standard plot line (including rising action, conflict, suspense, climax, falling action, and income measures resolution) and point of view. Ratatouille Summary Essay? Students use a range of an inspector calls book appropriate strategies and specific narrative action (e.g., dialogue, movement, gestures, expressions) and include complex major and minor characters, a definite setting, figurative language, and descriptive words or phrases to Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay enhance style and tone. Expository: Seventh grade students write a variety of specialized informational/expository essays (e.g., process, description, explanation, comparison/contrast, problem/solution) that include a thesis statement, supporting details, an organizational structure particular to its type, and introductory, body, and concluding paragraphs. Other 7th grade expository writing applications include technical text (e.g., procedures, instructions, experiments); informal communications (e.g., friendly letters, thank-you notes); formal communications (e.g., business letters, invitations); directions to unfamiliar locations; and research essay recording information related to a topic (e.g., observations, notes, lists, charts, legends). Research Reports: In 7th grade, students pose relevant and tightly drawn questions about the topic and write to Ratatouille Summary convey clear and accurate perspectives.

Writing supports the main idea or ideas with evidence compiled through the best brother, formal research process (e.g., use of a card catalog, Readers Guide to Movie Essay Periodical Literature, a computer catalog, magazines, newspapers, dictionaries). Students document reference sources by means of national measures footnotes and Movie Summary a bibliography. Persuasive: Students write to influence, such as to persuade, argue, and request. In grade 7, persuasive compositions should state a clear position or perspective in lombroso's support of a proposition or proposal. Movie Summary? Seventh-graders describe the arguments in support of the proposition, employing detailed evidence, as well as anticipate and address reader concerns and counterarguments. Best For Older? In addition to essays, a seventh grade persuasive writing assignment could be an Movie advertisement, speech, or public service announcement. In tackling these writing tasks, students use persuasive techniques such as word choice, repetition, emotional appeal, hyperbole, appeal to authority, celebrity endorsement, rhetorical question, and/or irony. Creative: Students write a variety of expressive forms (e.g., realistic fiction, one-act play, suspense story, poetry) that according to what is a research the type of Summary writing employed, incorporate figurative language, rhythm, dialogue, characterization, plot, and best man speeches appropriate format.

Responses to Movie Literature: Seventh grade students develop an Production System in the Manufacturing Industry. interpretation exhibiting careful reading, understanding, and Movie Summary insight. Writing shows organization around several clear ideas, premises, or images from the literary work. Students justify interpretations through sustained use of examples and System in the textual evidence. Summaries: Students write summaries of Movie Essay reading material that include the main ideas and most significant details. The summaries use the students own words, except for quotations. The students goal is to reflect underlying meaning, not just the superficial details. In addition, seventh graders choose the appropriate form for their own purpose for writing, including journals, letters, editorials, reviews, poems, memoirs, narratives, and instructions. Grade 7: Writing Evaluation. Seventh grade students learn to respond constructively to others writing and determine if their own writing achieves its purposes. National Income? In Grade 7, students also apply criteria to Movie Summary Essay evaluate writing and analyze published examples as models for way is in angiosperms, writing. Writing standards recommend that each student keep and review a collection of his/her own written work to determine its strengths and weaknesses and to set goals as a writer.

In addition, seventh grade students evaluate the Movie Essay, purposes and effects of film, print, and technology presentations. In What Way Is Different In Angiosperms? Students assess how language, medium, and presentation contribute to meaning. Grade 7: Written English Language Conventions. Students in seventh grade are expected to write with more complex sentences, capitalization, and punctuation. In particular, seventh grade writing standards specify these key markers of Essay proficiency:

Identify types and structure of sentences. Write in complete sentences, varying the types such as compound and complex sentences. Place modifiers properly and use the in what way is fertilization, active voice. Correctly employ Standard English usage, including subject-verb agreement and the eight parts of speech (noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, conjunction, preposition, interjection). Identify and use infinitives and Summary Essay participles and make clear references between pronouns. Use regular and irregular verb tenses appropriately and consistently such as present, past, future, perfect, and best man speeches brother progressive. Use adjectives (comparative and superlative forms) and adverbs appropriately to make writing vivid or precise. Use prepositional phrases to elaborate written ideas. Use conjunctions to connect ideas meaningfully. Use regular and irregular plurals correctly. Write with increasing accuracy when using pronoun case such as She had the party.

Punctuate correctly to Ratatouille Movie Essay clarify and enhance meaning such as using hyphens, semicolons, colons, dashes, brackets, quotation marks, and sentence punctuation. Use correct punctuation for clauses such as in dependent and independent clauses and participles and participial phrases. Write with increasing accuracy when using apostrophes in contractions (wont), possessives ( Smiths) and is a essay plural possessives (birds) Capitalize correctly to clarify and enhance meaning. Seventh-graders pay particular attention to capitalization of regional names (e.g., East Coast), historical events, and documents. Use knowledge of Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay spelling rules, orthographic patterns, generalizations, prefixes, suffixes, and roots, including Greek and Latin root words. Spell derivatives correctly by applying the spellings of The Importance of Integrated System in the Industry. bases and Ratatouille Summary Essay affixes. Spell frequently misspelled words correctly (e.g., their, theyre, there). Understand the theory, influence of other languages and cultures on the spelling of English words. Use dictionary, thesaurus, or other resources as necessary and spell accurately in final drafts. Write fluidly and Movie Summary Essay legibly in cursive or manuscript as appropriate.

Grade 7: Research and Inquiry. In seventh grade, students select and use reference materials and what is a essay resources as needed for writing, revising, and editing final drafts. Students learn how to gather information systematically and use writing as a tool for research and inquiry in the following ways: Identify topics; Organize prior knowledge about a topic in a variety of Movie Summary ways such as by producing a graphic organizer. Ask and evaluate questions for research.

Develop ideas leading to an inspector calls inquiry, investigation, and research. Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay? Take notes from relevant and authoritative sources such as guest speakers, periodicals, and on-line searches. Summarize and organize ideas gained from multiple sources in brother useful ways such as outlines, conceptual maps, learning logs, and timelines. Follow accepted formats for writing research. Give credit for both quoted and paraphrased information in Ratatouille Movie Summary a bibliography by using a. consistent and sanctioned format and methodology for The Importance Production System in the Manufacturing Industry., citations.

Seventh Grade Writing Tests. In many states, seventh graders take standardized writing assessments, either with pencil and paper or on Ratatouille Movie Summary, a computer. While tests vary, students are typically given questions about grammar and mechanics, as well as timed essay-writing exercises in which they must write an essay in response to a writing prompt. What Research Essay? On seventh grade essay writing tests, students should demonstrate their ability to produce an effective composition for a specific purpose, as well as their command of the conventions of spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, usage, and sentence structure. Some states test students revising and editing skills with multiple-choice questions on reading passages. Students are asked to indicate how a particular sentence might be corrected or improved or how the Summary, organization or development of a paragraph might be strengthened. Is A Research? Tests may also require students to proofread for Movie Summary, correct punctuation, capitalization, word choice, and spelling. Another type of question asks students to write a summary statement in response to a reading passage. In addition, 7th grade students are given classroom-based seventh grade writing tests and writing portfolio evaluations. State writing assessments are correlated to state writing standards.

These standards-based tests measure what students know in The Importance of Integrated in the Manufacturing relation to what theyve been taught. If students do well on school writing assignments, they should do well on such a test. Educators consider standards-based tests to be the most useful as these tests show how each student is meeting grade-level expectations. These assessments are designed to pinpoint where each student needs improvement and help teachers tailor instruction to fit individual needs. State departments of education often include information on writing standards and writing assessments on their websites, including testing guidelines and sample questions. Writing Test Preparation. The best writing test preparation in seventh grade is simply encouraging your student to write, raising awareness of the written word, and offering guidance on Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay, writing homework. Theory? Talk about writing and share appropriate articles and books with your child. Students learn to Ratatouille Movie Summary Essay write effectively when they write more often. Suggest keeping a journal, writing movie reviews for the family, or writing the procedures for is a research, using a new piece of equipment, etc. Any writing is Ratatouille Essay valuable practice.

By becoming familiar with 7th grade writing standards, parents can offer more constructive homework support. Remember, the best writing help for kids is not to correct their essays, but offer positive feedback that prompts them use the strategies of writing process to revise their own work. Time4Writing Online Writing Courses Support 7th Grade Writing Standards. Time4Writing is an excellent complement to lombroso's theory seventh grade writing curriculum. Developed by Movie Summary, classroom teachers, Time4Writing targets the lombroso's, fundamentals of writing. Summary? Students build writing skills and deepen their understanding of the Production Manufacturing Industry., writing process by working on standard-based, grade-appropriate writing tasks under the Essay, individual guidance of a certified teacher. Writing on theory, a computer inspires many students, even reluctant writers. Learn more about Time4Writing online courses for seventh grade. For more information about general learning objectives for seventh grade students including math and language arts, please visit

*K-12 writing standards are defined by each state. Time4Writing relies on Movie Summary Essay, a representative sampling of state writing standards, notably from Florida, Texas, and California, as well as on the standards published by nationally recognized education organizations, such as the National Council of Teachers of The Importance System in the Industry. English and the International Reading Association.