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Nov 16, 2017 Issac asimov foundation,

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Should divorce be harder to asimov foundation, obtain?

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Issac asimov foundation

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Nov 16, 2017 Issac asimov foundation,

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Job Interviews as a Former Inmate. Many prisons and jails do not prepare ex-inmates to issac asimov return to the outside world. In order for a returning citizen not to become another statistic in our recidivism rate, he or she will need a job. The majority of difference prisons, jails, and even local re-entry programs do not provide the former inmate the asimov foundation basic skills for finding employment including how to interview for a job. From my personal prison experience, another inmate, a successful businessman, and I had prepared a basic re-entry job program for Essay about Look at Crisis, inmates at our pre-release center which included, How to issac asimov foundation interview for a job. Although the program and its written material received excellent feedback from the prison administration, it died a slow administrative death.

The program was never approved, despite a number of difference young inmates eagerly signing up for it. A job interview is stressful under even normal circumstances. Issac Asimov? If the job interviewee is a former inmate, the pressure increases a hundredfold. In order to about Taking a Brief Management give the returning citizen, the means to achieve a successful job interview, our proposed program reviewed the usual issues such as dress, posture, job application and other crucial elements of a job interview. We did not avoid the elephant in the room. The job applicant has a criminal record. The former inmate cannot avoid facing the facts of the past. It is important for the returning citizen to make clear he or she has regretted and taken responsibility for any past actions. However, the applicant can point to a good prison record, certificates for successful education programs, and a good job record during imprisonment. It can only help that a returning citizen has supervised a kitchen staff or custodial crew for asimov, five years. In other words, the former inmate (now a returning citizen) should accept the where romeo lemons and make lemonade.

It does not mean that a former inmate will succeed in that particular job interview, but the returning citizen will increase the chances of a successful job interview down the long road of re-entering society. 17 Responses to Job Interviews as a Former Inmate. Indeed, I believe that the prison/jail systems often fall short, and not always for lack of trying, in issac asimov preparing inmates for early childhood, re-entry into the outside world, however once a program fails we must hope that the information be used to issac asimov foundation foster growth and new knowledge to move forward towards initiation of a better program course, and not stopping at failure. Early Theories? This is the very essence of the attitude that we teach our ex-offenders to adopt and issac develop then how can we simply sit back and accept defeat when initial programs fail? We must have more than just prison administration to childhood theories back these programs.What about local and issac state officials? What about support services for funding? What about local social services to assist with capturing support avenues? Local clergy, and non-profits that can assist with contacts with services that actually hire ex-offenders and can emotionally support their needs.

It is a hugely diverse set-up utilizing many individuals, not just the teaching tools of how to interview even though that is an of Taipei important part of the puzzle. Blessed be. In His grace and mercy, Excellent points. Effective Re-Entry starts in foundation the prison and ends in the local community. Traditional criminal jutisce case processing is essay best friends, based on the concepts of issac asimov incapacitation and deterrence with little focus on unlawful and illegal, rehabilitation.

With over two decades of punitive get tough legislation and ballot measures (such as mandatory minimums, truth-in-sentencing laws, and issac foundation three-strikes-and-youre-out laws), rehabilitation is not a priority in our nations correctional system. The Oregon Department of Corrections estimates that close to 75% of the 14,000+ inmates have an alcohol/drug problem and of Taipei nearly 60% of the inmates are substance dependent. However, there are only approximately 274 residential treatment beds for men and only 54 residential treatment beds for women inside four of the fourteen state prisons. Issac Asimov? Drug courts serve as an alternative to incarceration and allow an offender to best bypass prison time if he/she successfully completes the issac asimov foundation program. The main focus of drug courts is early theories, treatment and rehabilitation, unlike prisons, jails, and probation. Clients are not stigmatized with a prison stay or a label of being a convict. Clients are not unwillingly removed from society, are able to maintain some freedom while still being held responsible for their criminal behavior, and are treated with respect from issac asimov individuals who sincerely want to help. Drug courts focus on changing the underlying problems that cause criminal behavior instead of solely punishing an where meet individual. Most States have a Restoration of Civil Rights statute. Issac Foundation? You can additionally apply for a Pardon. Lets take a look at my State Nevada.

Restoration of Civil Rights : You will note the Right to Vote is restored. Here is the Pardon Statute in about Nevada: NRS 213.090 Pardon: Restoration of civil rights; relieved of disabilities; limitations. As a retired Federal Probation Officer I wholeheartedly agree that an ex-inmate should be able to use his/ her successful prison-job experience as a reference. However, my experience on the federal and state levels is that the penal institutions are very reluctant to asimov foundation release those references to the inmate or even the parole office. Without that written confirmation of the vs us releasees achievement, he/she is in a no-win situation. MDOCs prisoner reentry program includes classes in resume writing, applying for asimov foundation, jobs, interviewing (to include answering the tough questions), encourages prisoners to use their prison job experience and early prison employee references. Very good article Mr. Schwartz- thank you for posting it. I agree with everything said so far in this discussion except for Ms Kerns suggestion that a majority of the population is forced into a criminal caste. The number is probably closer to 5% of the total population.

The vast majority of the population are hard-working, law-abiding folks with no criminal history whatsoever. Apparently I did not make clear the point that I was talking about the issac asimov majority of people with a criminal history. They are being forced to metaphorically wear a life long badge of ex-con which places them in a permanent criminal caste. People, who were arrested, convicted and completed their sentence decades ago find it difficult to find employment when employers look them up on the web. The employer does not look to see when the offense happened because they have hundreds of others applying for the same position who have no criminal record. Additionally, this population is forced in many states to check yes on The Design of Taipei, applications if they have ever been convicted of a felony.

Hopefully the Ban the Box movement will continue to be legalized in all states. Expungement is seldom achieved, and asimov a pardon does not expunge a persons criminal history. A pardon simply shows that the governor believes the person has changed their behaviors to the point that the errant is schenck, no longer a threat to themselves or others. Their criminal history still shows up. Asimov Foundation? I check yes to schenck the box so I am not lying because I did commit the issac asimov crime, and then put 1963 overdrawn checks, restoration of unlawful and illegal citizenship in 1974 and executive pardon in issac asimov foundation 1982. A simple web search to Iowa Courts Online shows every interaction with the best courts, but most employers do not spend the issac asimov money and time to find out if each case was a felony, misdemeanor, divorce, domestic abuse or child/elder abuse. They may not even know for sure those cases pertain to the resume they are investigating because many people have the same name, but different birthdays and essay best it is illegal to issac foundation ask a persons age let alone their birthday. I have met several people who have never had any problem with the police, but they have the same name as a person who has committed many crimes that show up on Iowa Courts Online. Taking A Brief Look? It is almost impossible for them to foundation get an where and juliet interview so they can explain to the employer. Others have had their identity stolen.

Their personal information was used in a crime and they have a horrible time getting their resume even looked at by employers after the employers view their name on Iowa Courts Online. And this is just a fundamental search that employers use. Other employers hire companies to do a more complete investigation of people they are considering for employment. It does not seem to issac asimov foundation matter how long ago the romeo and juliet meet person committed a nonviolent crime or how long they have been a productive taxpaying citizen. It is unreasonable for us, as a society, to asimov foundation expect a person to endure everything they must experience being locked up with those who have nothing to lose from harming them in numerous ways because those people already are sentenced to about a Brief Look life, and then come out to a culture where they have little hope of issac finding a job that will provide a living for them and their children. Romeo And Juliet Meet? Any of us would revert to criminality if we had to asimov watch our children crying because they must go to sleep hungry again.

And dont tell me that you would simply call family or friends to early get the asimov foundation money to feed your children. Most of the people we are discussing have a family and friends in the same situation. Essay Best? They do not have the educational, social, familial and financial currency we enjoy. If employers really want to know the character of their employees, they should hire people to issac asimov work with their employees to see how many times their investigator is offered drugs, etc. This is a big problem for romeo, those on parole/probation. Issac? They are trying to turn their life around and keep getting pulled back into drugs, etc. by those who have not been caught yet. Like Reply privately Flag as inappropriate 5 days ago. I want to thank you for so openly and honestly expressing your very qualified views on this matter.

It has provided me a great deal to early childhood consider. Please understand I do not mean any of this sarcastically at all but, I have no intention of debating punishment vs. rehabilitation which I think we have almost set the stage for, instead, please accept my thanks for providing a solution to a question which has tied me up here for years. My question was; How is it possible that given excellent and freely available educational resources at all educational levels, top professional educators and mental health workers dedicated to the task, almost unlimited tax payer funding and support, with local, state, and issac national government resources, charitable and government programs ready to pick up with assistance after release, and with state and national mandates to reduce recidivism and return these offenders to roles that contribute to our society, we are still failing? The answer I now think, is really this simple; Because we really dont want to! I now believe that while that mandate may be the stated goal not all within our governmental systems truly believe in that mission or want it to succeed. Now that I see it, I am almost sure many are thinking what took you so long. Instead our correctional systems are forced to go through the motions in unlawful and illegal order to continue to receive funding and asimov foundation keep the wheels turning.

This explains so many things I have seen in my 15+ year correctional career as an educator; empty classrooms, a constant stream of new initiatives that after years of work and preparation never get deployed, Teaches given impossible tasks like taking a student from grade level 2 to and juliet meet a GED with only a few hours per month to work with them. Vocational career programs with little to issac asimov foundation no employment opportunity for a Brief Management, the student and I am sure much better examples exist outside of my educational perspective. The list could go on and on asimov, and all paid for by our tax dollars I might add. It was in your concern that; There is a potentially significant downside to erasing the The Design of Taipei 101 Essay stigma of criminal behavior. I can hear some nefarious folks saying dont sweat it- if you get caught commiting a crime, you dont have to issac asimov worry about it affecting your future. Schenck Vs Us? They banned the box I realized that some may want that future affected to the point of failure (I am not suggesting this may be you), and they could be doing all they can to be sure efforts like ban the box do not erase that stigma. Foundation? If we did they might get a job, a real life, and not return to what ever environment brought them into the system to begin with and actually be rehabilitated through our efforts. Thank you so much. I realize none of this is exactly what you were addressing and obviously without knowing that I have been struggling with this question you were not trying to provide any answers but you really made my day! For me, this was my dilemma in the 1960s:

I remember a lot of people yelling at me, You just dont get it! You just dont get it! And they were right, I didn t get it. But they wouldnt tell me what it was or where it was so I could get some and they were always mad at me for not having any. Early? I was afraid to ask because I didnt want to look stupid. It was hard for me to stop doing what had helped me survive in asimov foundation a dangerous world of a pedophile and rage toward me from a mother in denial without being shown something better.

Maybe the links below will help answer some of the questions: My question was; How is it possible that given excellent and freely available educational resources at all educational levels, top professional educators and mental health workers dedicated to the task, almost unlimited tax payer funding and early childhood support, with local, state, and asimov foundation national government resources, charitable and government programs ready to The Design of Taipei 101 Essay pick up with assistance after release, and with state and national mandates to reduce recidivism and return these offenders to roles that contribute to our society, we are still failing? 1) What is your criteria for determining success versus failure? In baseball, a .400 hitter will likely make the foundation Hall of Fame; yet he fails about half the Essay about Taking a Brief Management time. What is the recidivism rate? 60, 70, 80%? That means 20, 30, 40% of offenders SUCCEED at changing their lives around. I think thats great. We should offer and fund programs to enable this success and improve the pass rate if possible. Asimov? But at a certain point we need to recognize that one thing harder than hitting a 90mph fastball is changing a hardened criminal into vs us a law-abiding, tax-paying, productive member of foundation society. Oh yeah- and that fastball has to want to be hit- its not enough for the batter to really really want it.

2) Your answer, Because we really dont want to may have some merit. However, If you believe in individual autonomy, perhaps the party in early childhood the system who really dont want to change are the offenders. Issac Asimov? Many offenders Ive met (and there have been thousands) have come to 101 Essay terms with their criminality, and they simply do not care if their behavior is illegal. There is something wrong with the laws and not them. Thats a valid worldview- but it is not likely to lead to transformative rehabilitation. Ms Kern is issac, a good example of someone who made bad decisions and then changed her life around. Romeo And Juliet Meet? She is exceptional- not the issac foundation norm. 3) You bring up good points about the system going through the motions. Its hard to justify increasing jail/prison education funding when John Q Publics tax dollars are already stretched in the public schools system- and even that funding is under attack. Romeo? Enlightened minds recognize that if such expendatures reduce recidivism then it is a profitable investment.

Unfortunately, the electorate and the politicians they put in power do not always appear so enlightened. 4) Even given a few hours per month, a motivated individual can achieve a GED if not other great things. Asimov? Did you ever see The Count of Monte Cristo? Fiction I know, but an schenck vs us definition instructive story regarding the asimov foundation human spirit. I have to say so many times inmates came back into the prison or jail I worked for back again for stealing, do drugs or whatever they could to make money to survive back on The Design 101 Essay, the street. This is an idea that would really make a huge difference in recidivism rates.

It would help if Community Corrections also helped in finding them work, based off their experience. More and more of our Correctional system needs to revolve around actually Correcting behavior. Cognitive behavioral therapy worked well on me and many of the issac foundation people who have also attended the 12-Step meetings that kept me sober for about Taking a Brief, over thirty three years. We started with a skewed world view being raised in whatever jungle we grew up in. Issac? Mine was on a farm with a pedophile grandfather and a mothers rage toward me because I would not shut up about the Essay about Look at Crisis atrocities when I talked to her. Asimov? Others grew up ducking from gun shots and schenck definition running from or joining gangs in urban areas. I have listened to issac asimov similar stories from people in all socioeconomic striations.

We may have walked different paths getting here, but the commonalities are overwhelming. The Design? Not everyone was caught and sent to prison, but the majority of the people I spoke with in mental wards, jails and prison told me similar stories. Every one of us who is able to maintain sobriety for any length of time and not go back to asimov lockup have had our world view changed. We have been taught how to between make better choices because the ones that had helped us survive in a dangerous world were no longer working. We were shown that we were worthy of a better life. You see, hope is the one thing that was missing in asimov foundation most of our lives. We had to be shown/taught the difference between unlawful step-by-step journey to a productive life because we were taught to just survive growing up. I, for one, had internalized that I was not worthy of a good life, but my mentors patiently guided me to the realization that I did not have to live that lie any more.

That is what I have seen the Iowa criminal justice system, courts, nonprofits and religious groups doing. They are involving the person in their own planned program so they do not sabotage something else the system is doing to them. This is the most important area of rehabilitation.Diring my studies in Japan,it was observed,that prison authorities start preparing several months before the actual day of release of issac asimov foundation a prisoner from jail.the arrangement for his work and abode in society is ready even in case of long term prisoners,the prisoners are kept abreast of The Design of Taipei 101 Essay physical and technological changes which took place in their absence in issac asimov the places where they have to resettle .For this purpose the prisoners are given a trip to friends see the out side world.This all is much conducive to foundation bring down rate of recidivism which is one of the lowest in that country.the constitutionally responsible for rehabilitation and there are no private profit making companies. With out the early childhood proper training on the necessary skill needed to asimov compete in the workforce, ex-offender will get frustrated and revert to their old ways. Authors Norad and Carlan suggest on Essay about Taking, page 330 that drug cotrus seem to be an issac asimov alternative that satisfies both conservative and positivist factions. This statement points to key reasons why the theories drug court model is issac asimov foundation, so effective: it attempts to balance the contributions and concerns of all stakeholders. Essay Friends? When individuals struggling with addiction, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, social service personnel, law enforcement, probation parole officers, treatment providers, and larger community work in asimov collaboration, it seems like common sense that a more holistic, deeper change is schenck, bound to foundation occurboth in the addicted clients and the community itself.

Of course not all offenders who are offered the opportunity to participate in childhood theories the drug court treatment model will fully engage and issac asimov foundation establish abstinence during the program measurement period; however, that does not necessarily mean that their participation is/was wasteful. Since addiction is a chronic, multifaceted health problem, and addicted persons are prone to early childhood theories enroll in treatment many times before lasting abstinence occurs, even the small mental shifts and behavioral steps that drug court inspires may very likely help addicted persons advance on their lifelong journey towards healthier life choices, as well as help reduce criminality and the other related stakeholder concerns. Asimov? In the end, it seems like progress is always a better option than simply punishing people and putting them away. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. 2017 Prison Inmate Search . All Rights Reserved.

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Nov 16, 2017 Issac asimov foundation,

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Structural Engineer 3 - Water Business. Structural Engineer 3 - Water Business NC-Cary Req#:32308BR Date published:27-Aug-2017 Opportunity:Experienced Hire Business Line:Water Business Plan:ENG Level:129 Primary Purpose: Functions in a mid level engineer capacity, or technical specialist. Create a job alert for Structural Engineer 3 - Water Business at issac asimov Cary, NC. Great! You'll now receive job alerts for Structural Engineer 3 - Water Business at Cary, NC. Create a job alert for Structural Engineer 3 - Water Business at Cary, NC.

Posted 1 days ago. VIEW JOBS 10/3/2017 12:00:00 AM 2018-01-01T00:00 **Structural Engineer** **Description** Jacobs serves the PharmaBio, Chemicals, Refining, Pulp Paper, Power Utilities, High Tech and Consumer Products Industries. Our core life sciences network has contributed to becoming the largest provider of engineering and friends, construction services to asimov pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients and we have established ourselves as the center of excellence for Pulp and schenck, Paper facilities. Jacobs provides full-service engineering, procurement, and construction management services for issac foundation both new and existing facilities, offering environmental and water / wastewater support, energy audits, and Essay Taking Look, hygienic / sanitary assessments. For projects of every scale we provide design, engineering, construction, commissioning, and maintenance services that support a facility's entire life cycle. **Position Summary** At Jacobs, ourstructural engineers are responsible for the structural design for newstructures as well as existing structural upgrades. Our engineers designunique and challenging projects, and perform investigations to make expertrecommendations to clients for various purposes. Selectedindividual will be responsible for the design of structural systems andcomponents for a variety of commercial, pharmaceutical, and asimov foundation, industrial facilitytypes; ensuring the designs conform to recognized codes and standards, as wellas client requirements. + Designstructures to where romeo and juliet meet withstand stresses and pressures imposed on them by environmentalconditions and issac asimov foundation, human use + Performroutine aspects of engineering requiring knowledge and application of basicengineering principles under close supervision + Performcalculations and evaluations in 101 Essay, the design of structural systems for industrialand commercial applications + Designusing materials of construction consisting of structural steel, concrete,masonry and wood. + Produceconstruction documents using Revit and AutoCAD + Participatein planning, cost development and management, and scheduling for assignedprojects + Effectivelywork with a project team consisting of members within the structural departmentas well as coordinating with other disciplines + Maintaineffective communication with project team members and with the customer + Travelto site and issac, perform structural observations and reports for constructionactivities + Usecomputer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to performengineering tasks + Usesknowledge of general application of principles, theories, concepts, andindustry practices and standards to perform engineering and design of lesscomplex units + Worksunder general supervision; work is reviewed for adequacy and accuracy + Adhereto all Jacobs safety programs **Qualifications** + Minimum2 years related experience specializing in the design of where romeo and juliet meet, vertical buildingsand structures for a wide variety of building types and markets as well asindustrial type structures and facilities. + Bachelorsdegree in Civil or Structural Engineering, form an accredited university,required + Mastersdegree preferred + EngineeringIntern (EI) / Engineer-in-Training (EIT) required + UnitedStates Citizen preferred + Stronganalytical, conceptual, communication (both verbal and written), andorganization skills required + Preferredsoftware knowledge and requirements include: Revit, AutoCAD, RAM StructuralSystem, RAM Elements, STAAD Pro, Enercalc, Word and Excel + Mustpossess a working knowledge of current industry codes and standards, and issac, haveexperience with the difference unlawful and illegal latest engineering analysis software and techniques. + Anticipatessitting for the 16 hour structural exam At Jacobs, we help prepare people for new opportunities and issac asimov foundation, challenges. With positions at every level, openings in multiple disciplines, expertise in a range of where meet, markets and offices around the globe, we create an environment where you can learn, grow, and thrive. From our competitive benefits program to our Health and Safety initiative of Beyond Zero workplace injuries, we believe that you'll find a flourishing career here at Jacobs.

Jacobs is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Issac Foundation? All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law. Jacobs is a background screening, drug-free workplace. **Primary Location** United States-North Carolina-Cary **Req ID:** LS 0000FM Jacobs Cary NC. Posted 1 days ago. VIEW JOBS 10/3/2017 12:00:00 AM 2018-01-01T00:00 **SUMMARY:** The Structural Engineer II performs structural analyses of low-to-intermediate complexity on existing communication structures (including guyed, self-supporting, monopoles and their foundations) and prepares formal, written reports detailing tower capacity and recommendations for modifications needed to increase capacity.

The incumbent also designs new towers, tower foundations and basic/intermediate modifications to existing towers. The incumbent reviews new service orders and determines the proper action to be taken, reviews field inspection reports and recommends remediation requirements on basic and essay friends, intermediate-level towers. Also provides quality control review of engineering services performed by issac other engineers. **ESSENTIAL DUTIES:** + Review requests for engineering services to difference unlawful determine that adequate information is provided to complete service. + Review tower structures and foundations for existing, proposed and reserved tenant configurations. + Work with existing processes to correctly open analysis projects. + Perform analyses on projects of low-to-intermediate complexity using hand calculations, tower analysis software and other accepted methods. + Work with administrative and CADD staffs to complete required close-out documentation. + Design modifications for tower reinforcing, extensions and foundations. + Work with Designer staff on the development of modification drawings. + Check accuracy of modification drawings. + Ensure accurate project status reporting to facilitate accurate customer and sales reporting. Issac Asimov Foundation? + Answer structure-related inquiries from internal and The Design, external customers. + Adhere to applicable Quality Control procedures. + Provide quality control review of engineering services. + Generate required engineering reports. **OTHER:** + Other duties as assigned **SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES:** + None **QUALIFICATIONS:** + Intermediate knowledge of structural analysis software and CAD software, preferably AutoCAD 2012 or higher + Intermediate knowledge of tower structures and design methods + Manager screens assignments for unusual or difficult problems and selects techniques and procedures to be applied on non-routine work. Receives close supervision on new aspects of assignments. + Proficient with computer software programs, including Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel + Demonstrated focus on accuracy with high attention to detail + Ability to work with functional groups and different level of employees throughout the American Tower organization to effectively and professionally achieve business results + Strong follow-up skills; ability to organize applicable department timelines and follow up with internal and asimov, external customer needs as needed + Strong written and oral communication skills, including the where and juliet ability to present ideas and suggestions clearly and effectively + Strong organizational skills; ability to accomplish multiple tasks within the asimov agreed upon timeframes through effective prioritization of difference, duties and functions in a fast paced environment + Strong track record of building and maintaining solid relationships with both internal and external customers and foundation, vendors. + Self-motivated, able to Essay about a Brief work both independently to asimov complete tasks and respond to department requests as well as collaborating with others to Essay Taking a Brief Look utilize resources and issac asimov foundation, knowledge in Essay a Brief Look Management, identifying high quality solutions **EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:** + Bachelor's degree in issac, civil or structural engineering or a related field required. Difference Unlawful? + Master's degree in civil or structural engineering or a related field preferred. + Engineer in training (EIT) or Engineering Intern (EI) certification strongly preferred. + Professional Engineer (PE) license, a plus. + Foreign equivalent of PE license acceptable. + Required experience includes at least one of the issac following: + Minimum of unlawful and illegal, 3 years experience of communication tower design and analysis. + Minimum of 5 years experience in construction or field engineering of steel structures. + Minimum of 5 years of structural engineering experience. + Working knowledge of issac foundation, TIA/EIA-222 code and essay friends, other relevant specifications preferred. + Minimum of 2 years experience with AutoCAD preferred. Issac? + Active member of professional organization or technical society preferred. 101 Essay? **ENVIRONMENT:** Approximately 95% performed in climate-controlled internal office environment working under normal office conditions. Approximately 5% travel may be required in issac foundation, support of the positions responsibilities. Must be able to work at romeo and juliet meet a computer for issac extended periods of time While performing the definition duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to sit, stand, walk, use hands and fingers to feel and handle, reach with arms and hands, talk and hear. While performing the duties of this job, the employee frequently is required to issac stoop, kneel and crouch, lift weight or exert a force up to a maximum of 25 pounds. About Taking At Crisis Management? **Job:** _Eng Structural II_ **Title:** _Structural Engineer II_ **Location:** _NC-Cary_ **Requisition ID:** _170000CU_ American Tower Cary NC. Structural Engineer IV Construction Operations. Posted 1 days ago. VIEW JOBS 10/3/2017 12:00:00 AM 2018-01-01T00:00 **SUMMARY** : The Construction/Operations Structural Engineer IV performsreviews and evaluations of, among other things, climbing facilities,construction plans, and the impacts of rigging with respect to existingcommunications structure stability.

Theincumbent designs and directs the design of new towers, tower foundations, and intermediate-to-complexmodifications to existing towers. The incumbentaddresses field construction issues and Network Operations Center (NOC) requestsand determines the issac asimov foundation proper action to early theories be taken, reviews field inspection reports,and recommends remediation requirements on all types of towers. The incumbent also provides quality controlreview of engineering services performed by others. **ESSENTIAL DUTIES:** + Review proposed rigging plans and analysis of structuralimpact on all types of existing communications structures. Asimov Foundation? + Address field construction issues and NOC requests andrecommend actions to be taken. + Review requests for engineering services to determine thatadequate information is provided to and juliet complete service. + Review tower structures and issac asimov foundation, foundations for existing,proposed, and reserved tenant configurations. + Work with existing processes to correctly open analysisprojects. + Perform analyses on projects that are unique and of highcomplexity, using hand calculations, tower analysis software, and otheraccepted methods. + Work with administrative and CAD staffs to complete requiredclose-out documentation. + Review tower inspection information and difference between, assess any necessarystructural remediation for all types of communications structures. + Provide leadership on issac asimov foundation, major upgrade projects. + Contribute to new designs and techniques which are ofmaterial significance to early solving problems experienced within the department. + Provide direction and training to less experiencedengineers. + Design modifications for tower reinforcing, extensions, andfoundations. + Work with Designer staff on the development of modificationdrawings and check accuracy of modification drawings. + Ensure accurate project status reporting to facilitateaccurate customer and sales reporting. + Answer structure-related inquiries from internal andexternal customers. + Complete specialized engineering assignments requiringcomplex calculations. + Keep abreast of new technical methods and developmentrelated to issac asimov tower engineering. + Adhere to applicable quality control procedures. + Provide quality control review of childhood, engineering services. + Generate required engineering reports. + Independently perform most assignments with instructions asto the general results expected. **OTHER** : Other duties as assigned **SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES:** None **QUALIFICATIONS** : + Advanced knowledge of structural analysis software and ofCAD software, preferably AutoCAD 2012 or higher. + Advanced knowledge of tower structures and design methods. Issac Asimov Foundation? + Knowledge of the design and best, review of tower rigging plansand analysis of their impacts on existing structures. + Sufficient professional experience to assure competence as afully trained engineer. + Proficient with computer software programs, includingMicrosoft Word, Outlook, and issac asimov foundation, Excel. + Ability to give direction and training to Engineering departmentpeers and teammates. + Ability to work with functional groups and different levelsof employees throughout the organization to effectively and professionallyachieve results. + Strong follow-up skills; ability to organize applicabledepartment timelines and follow up with internal and external customer needs. Definition? + Strong written and oral communication skills, including theability to present ideas and suggestions clearly and effectively. + Demonstrated ability for high focus on foundation, accuracy and detailorientation. + Strong organizational skills; ability to accomplish multipletasks within the romeo and juliet meet agreed upon timeframes through effective prioritization ofduties and functions in a fast paced environment. + Strong track record of building and maintaining solidrelationships with internal and issac asimov, external customers and definition, vendors. + Self-motivated; able to work both independently to completetasks and respond to department requests and with others to utilize their resourcesand knowledge to identify high quality solutions. **EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:** + Bachelor's degree in Civil or Structural Engineering or arelated field required. + Master's degree in Civil or Structural engineering or arelated field preferred. + Professional Engineer (PE) license required. + Ability to become licensed as a PE in multiple states viareciprocity strongly preferred. + Structural Engineer license preferred. + National Council of issac asimov, Examiners for Engineering and Surveyorscertification strongly preferred. Early? + Required experience includes at issac asimov least one of the following: + Minimum of 10 years experience with communication towerdesign and analysis, with 4 years related to Essay about Taking tower construction and operability. Issac Asimov Foundation? + Minimum of 15 years experience in construction or fieldengineering of steel structures. + Minimum of of Taipei, 15 years of structural engineering experience. + Working knowledge of issac foundation, TIA/EIA-222 code and essay friends, other relevantspecifications strongly required. + Working knowledge of ANSI/TIA-1019 and asimov foundation, ANSI/TIA322Standards, as well as ASSE A10.48 Standard required. + Minimum of 2 years experience with AutoCAD preferred. + Active member of of Taipei 101 Essay, professional organization or technicalsociety preferred. **ENVIRONMENT** : Approximately 95% performed in climate-controlled internaloffice environment working under normal office conditions. Asimov? Approximately 5% travel may be required insupport of the positions responsibilities. Essay A Brief? Must be able to asimov work at a computer for extended periods of time.

While performing the duties of vs us, this job, the employee isregularly required to sit, stand, walk, use hands and issac foundation, fingers to feel andhandle, reach with arms and hands, talk and hear. While performing the Essay duties of issac foundation, this job, theemployee frequently is where required to stoop, kneel and crouch, lift weight orexert a force up to a maximum of 25 pounds. **Job:** _Eng Structural IV Const Op_ **Title:** _Structural Engineer IV, Construction Operations_ **Location:** _NC-Cary_ **Requisition ID:** _170000EG_ American Tower Cary NC. Structural Engineer 3 - Water Business. 1. Resume Copy paste or upload your resume. 2. Cover Letter (Optional) 2. Cover Letter (Optional) Attached Cover Letter. 2. Cover Letter (Optional) Copy paste or upload your cover letter.

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A Kabbalistic Guide to Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. Director of Research, ORA Project , The Philosophers of Nature (PON) Copyright 1997. All Rights Reserved. The projection of consciousness has been an integral part of issac, kabbalistic teachings, from the Merkavah (Chariot) Riders and The Design, their journeys to issac asimov foundation, the starry Palaces ( Hekelot ) of the invisible world, to Traveling in Spirit Visions with the early adepts of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the 19 th can early 20 th centuries. While a wide variety of approaches has been formulated to assist the childhood theories disciples of these diverse schools, much of their techniques require an issac, extensive amount of preparatory teachings and/or ritual assistance. For those who have little or no knowledge of traditional 10-12 th century Merkavah doctrines, or no interest in of Taipei 101 Essay learning the necessary signs, symbols, and invocations for Golden Dawn style techniques and their spin offs, yet want a Hermetic approach to their inner world, there is a solution. It is also simple, direct, and does not require an extensive amount of visualization or creative imaging. The following experiment was carried out over a three month period, from December 1996 to February 1997.

During that time, no additional ritual methods were performed, either for personal development, or in a group, in order to asses the value of the technique as it stood alone. The majority of the experiments occurred at night, before going to sleep, and about half the time, in the morning upon waking, while still in a borderline state. It is designed for foundation those who would like to have an out of body experience but lack either the necessary visualization skills required of so many of the present techniques, or who have had violent experiences leaving their body, and would like a more gentle approach to early, the astral planes. It can be carried out by either experienced traveler or beginner with equal ease, and possibly, similar results. The theoretical background behind this experiment is strictly kabbalistic, and is applicable to either the traditional Tree of Life (Golden Dawn), the revised Tree of asimov foundation, Life as applied to the Portae Lucis material, 1) or the Palaces as outlined in of Taipei 101 Essay the Sepher Zohar . In short, any systematic outline of the interior body-world of foundation, humanity can be applied, as long as it has concise, easy to visualize symbols for the various planes of consciousness. The Design Of Taipei. The working assumption is that we as conscious beings originate in the Ain Soph Aur , or Limitless Mind of God. We incarnate through various stages of increasing density and matter, into the present world, in order to gain the experiences that will allow us to go from potential beings into Self Actualized, or Self Created Beings.

In our journey of development we take on characteristics and bodies of various vibrations, and on our return we shed these bodies in exchange for increasingly subtle bodies and worlds of Light. These Worlds are categorized in the Gnostic, Kabbalistic, Hermetic, and Alchemical texts under different names and numbers, but share the same essential qualities and functions overall. That is, they go from the most dense world of material Earth, to the most subtle of Infinity, or the point of our origin, the foundation Mind of the Creator. Within our physical body we have various organs of psychic perception, called psycho-spiritual centers in modern Western esoteric nomenclature, and chakras in Sanskrit. These centers correspond to several levels of our physiology, that is on one level, our nervous system and plexus, as well as our endocrine system of hormone secreting glands. Other correspondences exist as well, but for our purposes these are the ones used most commonly and efficiently. Astral projection is best, often suggested through the solar plexus, but for many this can be an unnerving and unsettling experience. Other suggestions are purely visual, such as rising out of your body like a mist, or as having a second body of issac asimov foundation, light present next to your physical one.

It is said that advanced practitioners can project their consciousness at the time of their death through the upper centers, thus dying consciously. The centers suggested here are the top and front of the head, or the schenck vs us Crown and Third Eye centers, associated with the pineal and issac asimov, pituitary glands. Some even use the back of the head, the medulla oblongata, or brain stem. In the Indian texts, each chakra is associated with a particular power ( siddha ), which is awakened in the aspirant, and as such, allows the difference between and illegal student to then project their consciousness through the different psychic centers in increasing complexity and issac, subtlety, until finally, the Crown is reached. In kabbalistic practices however, the centers are rarely used as such, but instead intense visualization of the etherial Worlds is used, until they are progressively realized, or rituals combined with more generalized energizing of the essay best psychic body are used, alone or in conjunction with these visualized worlds. The modern variation of this often involves the use of issac foundation, Tarot cards, and is called Pathworking, or the use of Hebrew letters. Eastern Orthodox monks have used intense visualization on the solar plexus, as a small sun, as a method of achieving exteriorization, and some schools use the heart as a center of displacement, however, the previously mentioned methods are the most commonly used to between, date. Issac. Alchemists use tinctures, or medicines to assist in the projection of consciousness. Although, these should not be confused with hallucinogenic, or psycho-active drugs. The effects of alchemical medicines generally occur when their user is relaxed, sleeping, or in meditation.

They in effect, assist the projection of consciousness, that is the expansion of awareness, rather than induce or cause it directly. It is possible to take an alchemical medicine and drive a car unimpeded. In Eastern techniques, the number of Taking Look Management, psychic centers attributed to the body vary in number depending on the school in question. In general, it is said that we have at least seven major and asimov foundation, five minor psychic centers. Location, color attributes, mantras, or vowel sounds attributed to them however vary considerably. 2) According to Sri Aurobindo, the throat center is associated with the externalization of mental forces, and vs us, the link between the higher and lower mental spheres. Foundation. Like in some color scales of schenck definition, kabbalah, grey is issac asimov, associated with this center.

3) In Serpent of Fire: A Modern View of unlawful and illegal, Kundalini , Darrel Irving points out that the Vissudha chakra is presided over by the dual deities of Shakini and Shiva . Foundation. Each is five faced, representing the five Elements, and The Design, three eyes, showing physical and psychic perception, or knowledge. Shakini is seen as Light itself, and Shiva, like the Hermetic ideal, is androgynous, half white and half gold. The center is associated with the purification of intelligence, the issac foundation psychic substratum or ether ( akasha ), and hearing. The color given is meet, smoky-purple. As with Sri Aurobindos color, purple is also sometimes given as associated with the issac asimov foundation throat center in modern kabbalistic works. 4) Along with the remaining upper two psychic centers, these three constitute the only centers whereby direct psychic perception is possible. Essay Best. 5) In the West, the Throat center is less well defined, although it shares in all of the above named characteristics. In Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn , Pat Zalewski states that the throat center is associated with the thyroid gland and controls respiration. As with yoga, each of the preceding centers is associated with an issac foundation, Element, starting with Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

While not stated, it might be presumed that the Throat center is then the first center to be associated with Spirit, or Quintessence, as in yoga. Here however, we run into a problem regarding the attributes associated with this area. In alchemy, the throat is ruled by Mercury, the god of meet, Air, as well as magic, voice, and initiation. In the systems generally used (i.e. Asimov Foundation. Golden Dawn), no planetary attribute is given to the throat.

Instead, it is the sepherothic realm of Daath that presides over this region. Daath is Hebrew for knowledge and maybe that is the best attribute for schenck things associated with the mind, speech, and magic. However, for asimov foundation many kabbalists, Daath is a region better left alone, and feared more than the so-called Qlippoth, or Demonic realms. How did Daath come to be seen with such awe? Mostly from the second-hand reports of book learned occultists repeating what they read. Although, if we keep in mind that Daath is Knowledge , then some interesting correlations can be drawn. Israel Regardie states:

This central point between two symbolic pillars of the opposites, the place of balanced power from which the working of the opposites may correctly be viewed, is the implication of DAAS , which is the name of this shadowy Sephirah. Rightly it is shadowy, and the word is used advisedly for in the majority of us who have not cultivated the difficult art of essay best friends, avoiding the asimov opposites, the development of this new principle has proceeded with the utmost slowness. It is a new factor of adaptation or equilibrium, especially between the The Design of Taipei 101 Essay two broad divisions of consciousness the ego on one hand with its desire for adjustment to modern life with its refined and non-natural conditions, and on the other hand with the superficial level of the issac asimov instinctual life, concerned with primitive things, of self-assertion and the unbridled gratification of definition, its every whim and caprice. 6) DAAS (sic), the shadowy Sephirah, which develops in the course of evolution as we learn the issac asimov foundation domination of our mental and emotional propensities, is childhood theories, situated at the nape of the neck. Its position is at a point on the spine just below the occiput, about one or two inches above the larynx, and its diameter may be imagined to be about issac foundation, four inches in extent. It is conceived to be a symbolic link, self-induced, and self-devised, between the higher Genius on the one hand, and on the other, the ego, the consciousness self referred to that group of characteristics clustered around TIPHARAS (sic). 7) Regardie also refers to Daath as The Link between the Higher Self and the ego, or waking brain. Gareth Knight states that Daath is where pure force takes on form 8) and that it is the highest unity in the world of forms 9) , and Daath is the highest point of awareness of the human soul regarded as a soul. 10) The Daath powers in balanced function, of course, give the type of person with a mission or sense of destiny who will have sufficient detachment to cut his way through any obstruction to his aims, at no matter what cost, and who has absolutely no concern for what danger the future may have in store such is his faith in his powers and acceptance of difference between and illegal, his destiny. 11) Unfortunately, most of what is said regarding Daath, like the other spheres, is of a cosmological nature, and asimov foundation, difficult to apply to our individual consciousness. The abstract ideas associated with it, coupled with vague warnings and trepidation are not directives on how to approach this sphere within our psyche ( and very real psycho-spiritual, semi-physical center!) in a positive and growth oriented manner.

Possibly what Knight is saying, on a personal level, is that the psycho-physical sphere associated with Daath allows for the highest awareness in human consciousness when it is progressively opened. When this occurs, many of the childhood fears, obstructions, and foundation, psychological malfunctions that have previously plagued us, fall away under the intense awareness of our true power and The Design 101 Essay, presence as Beings becoming consciously Divine. In summary, maybe the fears are real, in that once we cross the Bridge of Knowledge, there is no turning back. Once we go from the theoretical to the experiential, we cannot return to ignorance. When innocence is lost, it is issac asimov, gone for good. Thus, we can cross the best friends bridge several times: from the material world to issac foundation, the psychic; from the The Design psychic to the more abstract mental realms; and from the mental to the highly spiritual, from foundation, which none is said to have returned. Most of what is where romeo and juliet meet, reported about Daath may be in relation to this last and highest reality. The function of this technique, is to assist those who desire it, to issac foundation, cross their personal psychic bridge from the visible into the invisible with consciousness and memory. Mercury, Hermes and the Psychopomp.

Knight suggests using the between caduceus, a symbol of the god Mercury, and the psychopomp Hermes, as a symbol for approaching Daath. This relationship of the issac Throat Center to Essay a Brief, Mercury must not be overlooked, for it is this very relationship that we are seeking to establish within ourselves. To be able to enter into the psychic realms with the aid and foundation, assistance of our Higher Genius, as well as our human intellect, and to make use of the information upon return to waking consciousness. We want, in about Management effect, to issac foundation, do as Hermes does, Walk Between Two Worlds and unite them within our psyche. The symbols for best friends Mercury is the stylized caduceus in the form of the combined symbols of Luna (Moon), Sol (Sun), and Terra (Earth). Combined they state the function of issac, this part of childhood theories, our psychic anatomy. The upturned lunar symbol represents our brain, nervous system, and psychic functioning, resting upon issac foundation the Solar symbol beneath. The Sun, is our spiritual powers, life force, and intuition.

It sits astride the symbol for matter, or the equal armed cross. The Cross of the Four Elements is the symbol of material existence, and is at once our physical bodies as well as the material world we live in. In the symbol for Mercury, we see that the terrestrial energies, or matter, are dominated, by the Solar forces of the childhood theories Sun, and Soul. Asimov. However, these spiritual forces are in turn dominated by the intellect and early childhood theories, physical brain of man. That is, the brain directs them, or represses them, depending on the spiritual health of the aspirant. It also illustrates a unique point. That is, the relationship between the heart, sun, brain, and spiritual awakening. As messenger of the gods, Mercury assists in the transfer of knowledge, and not in the creation or interpretation of issac asimov foundation, that knowledge, these functions being left to the brain and psychic heart. The heart is the seat of intuition, the Voice of the Soul, and the Interior Master, only through its awakening can we become conscious and free beings. However, the energy of the awakened heart, with all of its love, must be transferred to the physical brain for insight and understanding.

In doing so, it requires the assistance of the Throat center. Once in the brain, the energy must also be able to return to the heart, or send information there for spiritual consideration, via the Mercurial Center. Herein lies some confusion for some folks. It is said that the heart is the center of where romeo and juliet, intuition, yet it is in the pituitary body of the asimov physical brain that intuition is realized in mundane consciousness. Is it not possible to simply awaken the pituitary body without the needed functions of the psychic heart?

The answer is yes. To understand this somewhat confusing relationship between the heart, pituitary gland, and our spiritual awakening, we need to realize that according to esoteric tradition both of these organs are Solar in nature, and a Brief Look, as such effected by the material and spiritual Sun. Just as the pituitary gland reacts to physical light, it also reacts to the awakening of the spiritual light caused by an awakened Heart a Heart filled with love. The brain in general is Lunar, but certain aspects of it respond to other planetary influences in issac asimov their specific functions. This need to awaken both the heart and brain, is what is required for Essay about Taking a Brief at Crisis Management travels through the psychic realms. An awakened heart with no brain is subject to an extreme lack of practicality; and a brain with no heart can function psychically, but only in a cold and detached manner. The thinking heart and feeling brain are what Mercury help us to establish. In doing so, the polarity is overcome through union and the material and remaining psychic forces of asimov foundation, our body are brought into play in a harmonious manner. The use of blues, and purples is said to show the relationship between Daath, and the ideas of schenck vs us, a Higher Mind (Blue/Chesed) and Yesod (Purple). Thus, the Daath , or sphere of Knowledge that we are contacting through our meditations is foundation, our personal one, and not that of the transpersonal or Cosmic Daath on the Tree of Life, of romeo meet, which so many dangers have been written and attributed. It is also the synthesis of the Supernal Upper Trinity in asimov a form we can approach and understand more easily.

12) Also, if Yesod, or the gateway and principle sphere of the astral realm is a reflection of Daath on a lower arch as our British fraters and sorors are so fond of saying, then meditations on the Daath sphere in best ourselves should not only sublimate the sexual creative powers of Yesod, but also allow us to enter into asimov foundation, astral consciousness more fully and completely. Some Additional Thoughts From the East. In Chinese and Mongolian Chi Kung, meditation on Essay about Taking a Brief at Crisis the throat center is used precisely for these purposes: (1) sublimation of the sexual force 13) , and (2) assisting in the conscious projection of consciousness and the induction of lucid dreaming. It is the connecting center between the heart and the brain. Taoists who practice Dream Yoga focus on the throat point when going to sleep so as to consciously cross the issac foundation bridge between the waking state and the dream state. About A Brief. Being able to dream lucidly helps one gain greater control of issac foundation, ones Chi (internal energy) and also enables one to unlawful and illegal, consciously bridge the gap between life and death. 14) Conscious dreaming is used to awaken the Seventy-Two Magical Abilities, in asimov foundation order to prepare them for eventual transfer to the waking, material world. Where Meet. This is an interesting number, as it matches the issac number of and juliet, permutations of the Great Name of God, or Shemhamphorasch . Theoretically, each of these Names, Signs, Seals, and correspondences 15) could be awakened using the technique outlined in this article.

As in India and Western techniques, the throat is issac asimov foundation, associated with air, spirit energy, and essay, consciousness in Taoist practices. The Philosophers of Nature 16) suggest three methods of projecting consciousness: mental, astral, and ethereal projection. Asimov Foundation. The first technique suggests using the Throat center for projection, and states that the dis-alignment of the difference unlawful and illegal physical and psychic bodies will occur at the level of the neck. It is issac foundation, this basic idea that the following experiment is based upon. In order to present the subconscious with an schenck, orderly supply of symbols in a coherent and meaningful manner, the use of either the Hindu Tattwas, Alchemical Elements, or Kerubic Signs can be initially used. Afterwards, the planetary signs of the seven principal planets are used in their place. This progressive use of the same symbols allows the issac asimov foundation subconscious to understand that these symbols are meaningful and are the official means of transferring consciousness from one level to essay, another. If done repeatedly, the symbols will not be needed after a period of time, and if done with good heart and mind, one may potentially realize their interior level during one of the dream states provoked.

While full-scale astral projection may not immediately occur, the degree of lucid dreaming, dream memory, and issac, even a limited increase in ones magical voice will be experienced. It is up to each aspirant to make the most of where, these out-of-body dream states, and increase their level of intensity so as to realize full and controlled projection of consciousness. Unlike other methods of projection, through regular practice, the issac foundation method outlined here will in most cases work gently and essay best, progressively, i.e. increased dreaming, then lucid dreaming, and finally astral projection, thus allowing for an acclimation of consciousness to these new states of being. Step One Obtain a set of symbols for the Four Elements and Spirit, and the Seven Planetary Signs. Start with Earth, then progress to Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit as the days proceed. Issac. The basic procedure will not change, only the symbols used to attain projection. Therefore, it is best to use symbols that you can easily visualize, either in gold, phosphorescent white, or their complementary colors.

Step Two When going to of Taipei, sleep, or even just relaxing a few minutes, turn your attention to the area of your Adams Apple and foundation, imagine a brilliant blue-black (or indigo/ultra-violet) sphere there, about the size of a tennis ball. Make it brilliant and schenck, translucent, as though it were illuminated from the inside, with its center point around the thyroid gland. It should be large enough to also touch the back of the nape of the issac neck, and if done very large (as Regardie suggests), 17) it may even have its farthest edges at theories, the bridge of the nose and brushing the thymus gland, or heart. What is important here, is that the image is three-dimensional, and not just as a flat plate in front of you. Thus, the sphere, or ball, will encompass your neck, and parts of your head.

Your imagination is internally directed. It is alright to imagine the organs mentioned if it aids in visualization, otherwise, stay with the bright, translucent color and imagine that this is all there is, lose yourself in it. Place yourself in its center, look around at an infinity of singular color of slightly different shades and hues. Step Three After achieving familiarity with the first step, and can enter into the indigo sphere at issac asimov foundation, will, and be comfortable there, imagine your chosen symbol for Earth present with you. See it brilliant and before you, with the The Design of Taipei qualities of Earth present, that is heaviness, and issac asimov, density, and simply stay with the symbol for a while, or until you fall asleep. Do this one for five to seven days, then move on to the remaining symbols.

After you have completed all of the Elements, including Spirit, then proceed on to the Planetary symbols. Step Four With the planetary symbols you have several choices on how to approach. First, you can simply move through them, starting with Luna, and childhood theories, progressing up the Tree of Life. Second, you can start with Saturn and progress down. Third, you can simply alternate through them according to the ruling planet of the day. Since it is desirable to spend several cycles with each symbol, the Third method offers the issac asimov easiest and least tedious way of working through them without worrying about breaking off in the middle somewhere and having to start that symbol over 101 Essay, again. Note your experiences in your daily notebook and issac asimov foundation, see what if any connections exist from week to week between the symbols of each planet. It is desirable to spend at least five to seven cycles with each planetary symbol, or between six and seven weeks working with them as you fall asleep.

This, added to the previous four or five weeks working with the and juliet meet Elements, makes a total of ten to twelve weeks of nightly work. Upon rising in asimov the morning, a minute or two can also be spent visualizing the a Brief Management symbol of that day as well, as long as you dont fall back to sleep! Those wishing to supply information regarding their experiences to the ORA Project may do so by sending a copy of their notes after the completion of the exercise to: Mark Stavish, M.A., ORA Project, Philosophers of Nature, P.O. Box 2920, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18703-2920. Materials can not be returned and issac foundation, will entered into the research files of PON for future reference.

Please include a brief biographical sketch regarding your esoteric background, with particular emphasis on kabbalah, alchemy, and ritual magic, if applicable. ORA is the Occult Research and Application Project, and is designed to difference between unlawful and illegal, find new applications for existing Hermetic knowledge, as well as re-create and examine traditional knowledge and techniques for use in the contemporary world.

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The Pros and Cons of issac foundation, Music Lessons Via Skype or Google+ The age of virtual music lessons is here. The computer geek music teacher is no longer the only type of teacher who gives distance lessons. Between Unlawful And Illegal. Catherine Saint Louis wrote a good article yesterday in asimov foundation, The New York Times (With Enough Bandwidth, Many Join the Band), and the enthusiasm of responses by readers shows that this subject is one that still carries a lot of novelty and excitement. Music teacher conferences such as MTNAs national conference have offered technology sessions that address distance lessons for several years now.

Many teachers are doing it, and its filling a much-needed gap in societys need for lessons, especially for best students in issac asimov foundation, rural areas who dont have access to music teachers. Theories. I have taught students from Mexico to Tasmania using Skype. So far, I have yet to asimov see any complete pros and cons list regarding distance lessons, so to the best of my ability, I made my own. I feel that part of my duty to prospective distance students is to make sure theyre fully aware of all benefits and drawbacks of these types of lessons. First, the early childhood theories, pros! Quality of the teacher: I believe it is better to have Skype lessons with an issac asimov excellent teacher than it is to have in-person lessons with a mediocre teacher. Skype gives students even more options to choose from vs us definition, when looking for a teacher since they are not restricted to their small local region. Weekly Convenience: Students dont have to asimov travel 10 or 20 minutes to their teachers studio.

Also, when a student is 5 or 10 minutes late, I give them a courtesy call in case they forgot, but if they live 15 minutes away and they have a 30 or even 45 minute lesson, its hardly worth it for them to come late. Lessons online means no missed lessons due to forgetfulness since the student and teacher can connect 30 seconds after the and illegal, courtesy call. Convenience of Recording Lessons: While students always have the option to record their face-to-face lessons, that never happens (at least, in the history of asimov, my teaching). But students can easily record Skype and Google+ lessons for review at a later time with software like Evaer and SuperTinTin (audio only: Pamela, MP3 Skype Recorder, and VodBurner). Immediate Practicing: (added 1/13/12) While face-to-face students must drive home before practicing what they learned (which eats up time and difference between unlawful and illegal, tires people out), distance students can practice immediately after the issac asimov, lesson when ideas are fresh and when energy levels are still high. (Thanks to Joy Morin for pointing this out.) This is an extra practice session most students will get. The first practice session will always be of higher quality when it is done immediately than if it were done the next day, and the first practice session is the of Taipei 101 Essay, most important session of the entire week. Issac Foundation. Siblings Dont Have To Wait: (added 1/13/12) Kids can do their own thing while their siblings have lessons, while in the private studio, they are held hostage until their siblings are done. Warming Up: Students can warm up at the piano before their lesson, only stopping seconds before the lesson begins.

The piano student also gets to and juliet meet play their own instrument. This would let the student show off their best playing to issac asimov their teacher each week instead of their worst. (This can also be seen as a con see below.) Less off-task behaviors: According to this study in 2010, off-task behaviors took up 36% more time in face-to-face lessons than in distance lessons. I suspect part of this might be due to an awkwardness factor that I think we all feel when talking through a webcam. Its harder to early childhood theories feel and issac asimov, act as we normally would in front of where romeo meet, a webcam than it is when face-to-face. The study also finds that eye contact during distance lessons is issac foundation, more frequent, and this is and illegal, probably for asimov foundation the same reason. Increased student performance: The same study indicates that students spend 22% more time performing during distance lessons than in face-to-face lessons.

Some Problems More Quickly Diagnosed: Sometimes the schenck vs us, technical or musical problems students experience in their lesson can be an unexpected artifact of their unique instrument or practice environment at home. For example, perhaps the student is afraid to play too loud because of living in an apartment or because family members are asleep (both of asimov, these scenarios describe a couple students Ive taught before). These factors would come out schenck vs us immediately in a webcam lesson, but it might take a few face-to-face lessons for a teacher to figure out issac foundation why the student doesnt seem to early ever play out. Dont Have To Be In The Same Room: Students wont need to cancel lessons because they had the issac asimov foundation, stomach flu two days before (stomach flus can be contagious for early theories up to two weeks after symptoms have passed). There is issac asimov, also less suffering for difference between everyone: students wont suffer if their teacher ate onion rings for lunch, and issac, bagpipe teachers have the option of muting their computer speakers while their students play. No ability to between physically work with hands: Sometimes the most efficient way to achieve technical results with a students is to physically manipulate their wrists, fingers, elbows, etc. while their hands are at the keyboard. (Note: according to the study referenced above, touching hands occurred less than 1% of the issac asimov, total duration of face-to-face lessons.) Dependent upon Internet connection: The student and between and illegal, teacher must both have a fast Internet connection, and even if they do, sometimes there are days when Internet backbones are lagging, ISPs are having trouble, etc., although thats a rare occurrence. Family members at asimov foundation the students house (and at the teachers house) must refrain from using the Internet during the lesson unless the Internet connection is extremely fast.

Glitches still happen sometimes with Skype and Google+. Sound quality: Even with a fast Internet connection, sound quality is not even remotely close to the quality of between and illegal, a CD or even an audio cassette tape recording, let alone the quality of hearing the foundation, student in person. Having said that, I feel that Im still able to judge tone quality acceptably well. No recitals: A teacher with students scattered all over the place cannot expect students to buy a plane ticket once or twice a year to The Design perform in a live recital. Group webcam sessions could be organized, but certainly not on the scale of 30 students and 100 people in the audience. Videos could be e-mailed to the teacher and combined into issac asimov foundation one performance video simulating a recital, but being able to try as many times as they want to get the perfect recording is not the same experience as having only one chance on stage to definition get it right. No teacher duets: Beginning method books all have duet parts written for issac foundation teachers to play along with kids when theyve finished their pieces.

This is not possible over vs us, a lagging webcam (and all webcam sessions experience lag). No student duets: Unless the Skyping teacher just happens to have two students of issac asimov, similar level who live with or near each other, students will not be able to have any duet experiences with each other, again because of webcam lag. Double sheet music copies: The teacher must always have their own copy of the music the student uses. That means students cant just spontaneously bring in music theyre learning they must first e-mail it to where and juliet meet the teacher, buy it for the teacher, or the teacher must obtain their own copy. No ability to point to students music: Sometimes the asimov, most efficient way to solve a rhythmic problem is to have the student follow the bouncing pen (teacher taps the The Design of Taipei, students music much like the issac, bouncing ball in some kids TV shows), and this would be impossible in a distance lesson. The Design. (Note: according to the study referenced above, pointing in the students music occurred less than 1% of the total duration of face-to-face lessons.) No ability to mark students music: Sometimes teachers must do a little editing in asimov foundation, students music (marking in or circling finger numbers, changing dynamic/articulation markings, etc.), and schenck vs us definition, occasionally they must do a lot of editing (such as with an urtext Bach edition that has no articulation or dynamics marked). In this case teachers would have to mark their own copy and e-mail it to issac asimov the student, or if they dont want to mark my copy (I prefer to keep my library clean), the student would have to e-mail the teacher their music, the teacher would print it out and mark it up, then scan and e-mail it back to best the student. Issac Foundation. (Note: according to the study referenced above, marking students music occurred less than 1% of the total duration of Essay about a Brief Look at Crisis Management, face-to-face lessons.) No real-time coaching: Sometimes teachers help students count out loud by asimov foundation, counting with them while they play, but sync issues over distance lessons will make this impossible. Sometimes a teacher might say, Good.

Yes. Ok, louder now, and now peak right here on this note, etc. as the student plays (perhaps even singing along sometimes to encourage certain dynamic or articulative expression), and this also becomes impossible. Music theory hassle: Students would need to hold their completed theory assignment up to the webcam, and their teacher will have to tell them what to circle and fix for next week. Some of my students are working in The Practice of Harmony , a very heavy college theory textbook/workbook combo, and some of those pages can take a solid two or three minutes to correct (e.g., one page might have students identify 120 major, minor, augmented and diminished chords). In that case, the students may need to essay friends scan their homework each week and e-mail it to me. Teacher Modeling: According to the same study as referenced above, teacher modeling in face-to-face lessons occurred 28% more often than in distance lessons. Teacher modeling is what happens when a teacher demonstrates and the student strives to make themselves sound like the teacher. Issac. Looking from a different angle: Sometimes (but not very often), I will walk to vs us definition the other side of the issac foundation, piano in order to see what the students hands look like from the other side, in cases where I have to look specifically at the left hand thumb or the right hand pinky (my piano is to the left of my student piano).

Since I cant do that in a distance lesson, students would have to reposition their webcams. Numbered measures: Both copies of the sheet music must always have numbered measures (except for Essay Look at Crisis very short beginning pieces that are only asimov, 8 or 16 measures long). Difference. No teacher accompanying: Advanced students who perform concertos will not be able to benefit from their teachers free accompanying in issac foundation, recitals, festivals and competitions theyll have to Essay Taking a Brief Look at Crisis hire a separate accompanist. Note-taking: The student must take notes in their notebook. Younger students (and especially very young students) are slow note-takers, which would make it necessary for issac foundation the parent to essay best friends take notes. Issac. Teachers could overcome this by typing the students practice goals each week into Essay an e-mail to issac the student during the lesson (Microsoft OneNote on a tablet PC could be a good solution for this since OneNote combines writing and typing). Up-Front Cost: Students should purchase high-quality webcams so that the of Taipei, teacher can see as much detail as possible, and should probably consider purchasing a microphone as well, such as the issac foundation, Yeti Blue Microphone. Warming Up: It could be seen as a bad thing that the vs us definition, student has their lesson immediately after warming up, because almost every performance situation students encounter (whether playing at the homes of friends and issac, family or playing in and illegal, recitals) involves playing when not warmed up. Traditional lessons simulate this experience every week. Similarly, playing on the teachers piano gives students the valuable experience of adjusting to different instruments, which is what happens at others homes, recitals, festivals and competitions.

Distractions: (added 4/16/12) Students may be more distracted at home by foundation, noises made by siblings, animals, neighbors, etc. (Thanks to The Design 101 Essay Lyle Compton for asimov foundation pointing this out in a comment below.) Its worth noting that these last two points (warming up and distractions) would also apply to the face-to-face teacher who travels to students homes. Both Google+ and Skype are free, and both offer the ability to connect to multiple people at the same time. This presents the possibility of going over friends, music theory, music history, etc. with a group of students at the same time. Issac Foundation. This is also why No Group Lessons did not make it onto the cons list above: with Google+ Hangouts or Skype group calls, teachers can put together group sessions in which students can perform live for each other. That said, I think Skype still has better control over echo effects caused by having your speaker turned up past a certain volume, which makes your chat partner hear their own voice as an echo. Its also worth noting that piano lessons take up more room spatially than harmonica or oboe lessons since they involve the The Design of Taipei, full length of a keyboard. A harmonica teacher only needs to see the face of the player, while a piano teacher needs to see the entire body and keyboard from asimov foundation, a good angle. They need to get a good view of the pedals, and the webcam needs to be placed sufficiently above the keyboard so that arms dont get in romeo meet, the way of hands. I will definitely add to this list if any reader comments point out issac asimov foundation factors I may have overlooked.

The most personally relevant drawbacks for me in giving Skype lessons are the following: Draining: Everything takes more energy over Skype than in person. If the Essay a Brief Look, student starts playing in the wrong measure, I have to verbally describe where to start. Things that would only take a couple seconds in issac asimov, an in-person lesson take 15, 20 or 30 seconds when working over Skype, and this effect is difference between unlawful and illegal, felt throughout the entire lesson. Issac Asimov Foundation. It also didnt help that I had to do a lot of prep work before each lesson, turning on the laptop on difference and illegal, the piano, setting up the webcam, bringing up my e-mail to see theory assignments and print out sheet music, etc. Audio normalization: Skype is not designed for music, it is designed for speech. Quiet speech is issac asimov, amplified to a normal volume, and loud speech is de-amplified to a normal volume. Schenck Vs Us. Audio engineers know this as normalization, and foundation, this is the worst thing you can possibly do to music. I can still tell the difference between piano and forte, but hearing the difference between mezzo-forte and forte, or piano and difference between unlawful and illegal, pianissimo, takes a level of conscious focus on my part that is taxing.

I have to concentrate so much on the timbre of the asimov, piano instead of romeo, being able to just rely on the decibel level like we can do in real life, and this distracts me from thinking about bigger issues in the music. Foundation. Duplex and lag awkwardness: In telecommunications, duplex is the type of connection that is required to allow parties to transmit audio data at the same time. Unfortunately, Skype is only half-duplex. In real life, when two people start to talk, they quickly stop and figure out who should go. When it happens over Skype, only one of the difference between and illegal, people is heard.

They must finish speaking before they can be interrupted. Skype lag complicates this further, because if you need to asimov foundation stop someone, they get your message delayed, and because theyre transmitting, they may not get your message at all. And its kind of of Taipei 101 Essay, funny when both people are trying to figure out who should talk first: they both see that each other is patiently silent, so they both decide to talk. But since they are seeing an image that is anywhere between 0.5 and issac, 4 seconds delayed, they dont realize that they both started to talk at the same time until these seconds have passed. Of course, nearly all the cons in the above list are felt as well, and it is the accumulation of all these limitations that make Skype lessons so much more challenging than in-person lessons. I especially notice the decrease in schenck definition, my own teacher modeling to students. Because of all the extra time and issac asimov foundation, energy required to difference between and illegal accomplish things in asimov, Skype lessons, I always have a sense of needing to be as fast and efficient as possible, leaving less time for demonstration.

There may also be a small part of me that believes the modeling would be less helpful when theyre hearing me demonstrate through Skype rather than hearing it in person. Having said that, Ive done Skype lessons at a very advanced level before (with good supporting technology and fast Internet connections), as well as with an early intermediate adult, and theories, it felt doable. For reasons that I will outline in great detail in a distant blog post, advanced students are easier to work with than beginners. Perhaps the issac foundation, added ease of and illegal, working with an advanced student counteracts a lot of the extra energy needed to make the limitations of distance lessons work. What a thorough list! Ive only one addition to suggest for asimov the PRO list: My students have found that they like being able to schenck vs us definition practice right after the lesson while things are fresh. Issac Asimov. I used to do this at college at Essay Look at Crisis Management the suggestion of my professor. Our private students cant do this if they have a commute home to make after the lesson. But Skype/Google+ students can!

Yes, of course! Thats a big one. Thanks, and Ill credit you for thinking of it. Distraction, in the form of a TV or sound system playing in another room, siblings running and shouting elsewhere in the home while the student tries to concentrate, babies crying, even cooking smells drifting in to make the issac, mouth water, pets wandering in and demanding attention or feeding, all are potential downsides to teaching in a students home. I would imagine that at least some of the same situations would apply to Skype/Google students, even if they are using headphones. Another good one thanks. A Brief Look At Crisis. Added to the end of the cons list.

Ive found those exact distractions at one my trumpet teachers home! But an understandable challenge all the same. Great Article. I have been kicking the tires on issac foundation, introducing SKYPE and GOOGLE+ lessons to between Lessons In Your Home (our in-home music school). Issac Asimov. But I think we are going to take the plunge. I guess one aspect i cant get over is starting beginners, which we do often. I have 0 experience teaching distance lessons. I am assuming incorrectly that the con list gets mush bigger when focusing on The Design, just beginners. Im thinking of aspects like: A. how to asimov hold, handle, manipulate, and approach your instrument. B. Posture (not sure how much you can see)

C. Feel, is there a key, pad or valve thats sticking. Jay, I suspect youre right about that. I do suspect that self-directed learners are easier to teach via Skype than beginners, so I think its extra critical that the parent be present, to difference between unlawful the point where theyre almost taking lessons too. Of course, self-directed learners are also easier to issac asimov foundation teach in person than beginners too. #128578; Chad, thank you for taking the time to create this marvelous infolist!

Im just thinking about trying this, and will look into schenck the Google method. I just know that youve taken a lot of the rocks out of the road for a teacher just starting to try this out! I will definitely require a parent present, which I actually require for regular lessons, anyway. I think Ill actually try it with a teacher friend first, too! Beverly Holt Guth. thanks for the extensive and issac foundation, informative list. I am a student and best, my teacher has moved to issac asimov the US. Essay Friends. We will try online teaching and hopefully it works.

It is possible when playing an electrified instrument to plug an output from the amp (using the asimov foundation, effects loop) directly into vs us definition the mic input of the asimov, laptop. Theories. this would improve sound quality- but then you need to find a work around for the voice mic- which is automatically disabled. thanks again. My experience with long-distance learning is that no beginner can succeed. Asimov Foundation. There are simply too many bad habits and bad practices that cant be communicated even via Skype. Early Childhood Theories. The only issac foundation, success Ive ever had with teaching folks at a distance was with those that already played pretty damn well and were able to follow directions. Hmmmwhat about definition, a combination of half live and half Skype? Do you think thatd be more doable and realistic to achieve? Hi Penny, even doing all Skype lessons is realistic to achieve its just a matter of opportunity cost for you and your students (i.e. Asimov. how much are your students missing out on each time they have a Skype lesson, and how much are you missing out on when you give them).

Pingback: Singing Lessons Via Skype or Google+ - Celeste Siciliano. Now tell me, [ before this semi pro adult, begins taking again next tuesday via sype] Does the few second delays mess with the inter-action between out of essay, state teacher and issac asimov, myself/. It just seems like we interupt one another be the Essay about Look at Crisis, question/ That last part of foundation, your message doesnt make any sense to me perhaps resubmit your comment and Ill take a stab at answering it Also please be more specific about what you mean by and juliet, interaction talking? Playing? What are you asking specifically? What kind of webcam do you and your students use? Do you have problems with lag or with choppy frames?

thanks for issac foundation the pros and cons list. Im moving to Germany soon and looking to keep a few of my piano students. Im going to invest on the cam and mic you recommend. Quick question about your webcam set-up: do you toggle between overhead and side-cam? What is your ideal placement?

Also- what is early childhood theories, your mic placement like with the Yeti? Wow, good luck on foundation, the move to Germany! Thats quite a move. I thought moving across the essay best friends, country from issac asimov, Reno to Pittsburgh was a big deal I dont toggle between overhead and side cam, but that would be awesome if I could. Between Unlawful And Illegal. Im sure theres an issac foundation easy way to do that, but I just havent looked into it.

I place my webcam on the music rack of the piano my students use during lessons I teach on two pianos. My piano is to the left of the students piano (so it would be secondo in a two-piano piece). I prefer students place their webcams as close to where my head normally is when I teach. Where. We get used to issac asimov certain views of things, and I think it helps our intuition to not have to change our point of view. I think the Yeti can be placed just about romeo, anywhere. I place mine on top of my piano. thanks Chad. Im looking forward to testing out scenarios. A really helpful analysis of pros and cons, thank you! I have had trouble with Flute sounding as though its blowing overtones on foundation, Skype, and dropping out, causing me to vs us definition have to abandon the call in the end.

Moreover, the issac, time lag means I cannot play along as accompanist in Full Duplex. That said, I am able to do Half Duplex successfully for most purposes, such as for between and illegal a Piano less and no problem with anything involving Orchestration, Composition, Music Technology. For Music Tech, Ive found its essential that the student use a mobile device so it can swing round to show the computer screen, and other parts of the studio. Can be tricky if theyve not got Skype on asimov foundation, their phone yet, or their wifi is slow, and early childhood theories, Ive spent hours getting this going, that cannot be charged for. Obviously its necessary to use screensharing for detailed computer work, since the resolution on Skype is too fuzzy. Awesome list. I teach piano and voice online and have a lot of trouble with the voice lessons because of the audio normalization as well as the fact that while they are singing I cant sing or play piano at issac the same time and actually hear anything they are singing.

I keep hoping for someone to write some better software of fix Skype. On the schenck, other hand piano lessons are great and like you said its really difficult to hear the difference between p and mp or f and ff. It was good to see this list to know that its not just me having these issues. Nice List. Issac Asimov. Thanks. Great list as Im thinking about trying this. Another pro that Im hoping will be the case. . .Continued lessons with the same great teacher you started with. Ive have a student whose family will be making a military move.

He has Aspergers Syndrome, so establishing the social connection was the challenge for him. He is The Design, 12 so totally into technology. . .so well give it a try. Am considering teaching Skype lessons and have a question. Do teachers need to be extra careful when taking on asimov foundation, Skype students, in respect to their practise committments? Im guessing its much harder to handle the non practisers here, cos they tend to have more problems with rhythm and technique? Id say that everything that is a problem in difference unlawful and illegal, normal in-person lessons is amplified when giving Skype lessons because of the extra challenges of communication, inability to play with the student, inability to point to their music, etc. Issac Asimov Foundation. In terms of mental fatigue, after each Skype lesson I feel like Ive given 1.5 normal lessons. But since my Skype students have generally been adults, non-practicers havent really been a problem adults tend to beat themselves up when they dont practice, so you know theyre already doing their best to difference unlawful and illegal make time for practicing but cant always manage.

Do you have to have two webcams, one in the laptop and a second USB one? as a teacher I want to be able to see their fingers/keyboard and their face when Im talking to them. Second questions other websites mention an app called Music reader where you can annotate and asimov, both of you can see the same music. Have you or anyone used this yet? Hi Heather, in the past I have not used two webcams, but I know that would certainly be helpful. I havent used Music Reader yet, but Im sure if anyone here has, they will chime in. Well after all that over-thinking it, over-researching it, I have a pupil in theories, the US (Im in foundation, the UK he wanted to carry on with me) so I had to take the and juliet, plunge. Asimov Foundation. All that worry! Whe it cam down to it, all we re using is my laptop on a high stool, and he is using a tablet hitched onto a goose-necked holder attached to an ironing board. And everything works fine no headphones, no speakers, no extra webcams.

Oh, all that worrying I did! I find that it takes me more time both before and Essay about Taking Look at Crisis Management, after the lesson any music we might want to do I need to think ahead and have it scanned and emailed. Foundation. Any duets I have to play and record the duet part so he can play along at home and not playing duets live is vs us, a BIG miss, I must say; I use them so much in face-to-face lessons. And I write up all the foundation, lesson notes and email them in a face-to-face lesson Im writing in romeo and juliet meet, the pupils notebook as we go along. But apart from issac asimov, those things, the sound is fine, the a Brief Look Management, not-talking-at-the-same-time is getting better, I can see his fingers and if I do need to see the LH little finger, say, I ask him to re-position. Mother is issac asimov, there all the time but always has been, so thats a big help. In response to Jays post (about five years ago!) I think and agree with many that teaching beginners is not something that I would try to do. I do spend a lot of time in face-to-face lessons moulding little fingers, helping wrists and arms float etc and friends, I think putting all that into words and issac asimov foundation, demos over Skype would be just too difficult. Best Friends. Maybe with parent therebut it does sound very tricky.

To be honest, I dont enjoy it as much as a face-to-face lesson; possibly because of the talking thing. I think I like to have a banter and a joke and its harder over Skype. But its working great with minimal equipment. Thanks again for your article. Can a person teach lessons on an acoustic piano simply through Skype or does one need to hook the internet up to a keyboard?